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Mod post and contest poll

The next bleachness   event is coming up for Valentine's and I've already got a theme ("Breaking Up and Making Up"--now doesn't that sound like fun?) I have had generous offers of prizes already, including LJ accounts and fanarts of your choice to be drawn by gifted artists or fic of your choice to be written by gifted authors but there's also been some interest in having an egalitarian sort of share where people exchange fic. I've seen this latter concept work in Secret Santa memes on other LJ communities or in writing challenges where you sign up by posting a comment (to a general entry describing the event) to say "hi, I write all pairings but x/x and my strength is angst" and the first person to respond to your comment can request a fic. The trick is that if you request a fic you also have to promise to write another for someone in the event. It's a neat way for people to sometimes challenge themselves out of their fic comfort zones if they wish and the lovely part is the community reciprocation but a downside is that I have to get back-up writers in case some people don't meet the deadline for coming through with fics. Actual contests are easier but hmmm, more predictable and we have to have an actual competition and voting, but as always, prizes are nice... and like I say, we have them.

So tell me what you think.

Poll #1506686 Valentine's Bleachness Fic Event

For the Valentine's Bleachness Fic Event, I'd like

A share where people sign up to write one another short pairing fics and drabbles
A contest with a theme and groovy prizes
I'm not particular
Wait--what about FANART!? >.

Moderator's note: The maintainers and I are considering getting rid of anonymous comments here on this community. I'd rather not, because by and large most anon posts are innocuous enough. At this point, just note that if you are not a member of the community and you are posting anonymously, any comment you make is more likely to viewed with suspicion by the moderators and deleted than if you were posting as a regular member of the community. There have been instances of obvious wank-baiting in this community and if the bait comes from anon, the comment will be deleted.

Another thing--memes are more suited for personal LJs rather than for a community this big. I've let a few go by now and then when traffic is slow or when the meme is particularly interesting but try to keep long questionnaires to your personal journals.

Also, I'm not available for beta-ing or editing fic at the moment. Thanks to those who ask and who value my opinion but family illnesses continue to keep me away from my own fic writing. I wish I could beta more because I like to do that sort of thing and leave my schoolmarmy concrit all over a manuscript. I hope to be more available in the future; I'll let people know when I am.
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