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Ishida Week SPOILERS 275

I watched this week's episode (sub) for the Ishida part (you know, Uryuu shirtless and jumping around, and Ryuuken too, looking all badass and handsome), and the visuals didn't sour me so much as I expected them to. Hiyori is a blast animated,  and I always like to see Renji's ban kai in action.

But who am I kidding. I'm here to talk about Ishida, his future development, his course in the manga, where the hell did he get those abs in the anime (thank G-D they made him skinny again--the pumped up Ishida of the Bound arc upset me greatly), and ALL ABOUT ISHIDA because it was an Ishida week. His behavior in 275  gets curiouser and curiouser.

   First, thank you syneiam, for the new icon--for those of you who haven't seen this pic, if's from Radio Kon, the interview with Ishida, in which Ishida reveals that he had some real style, even at 12 years old.

   I'm not going to discuss that "so you like to take the back too" remark  from Zael... dunno how it reads in Japanese, but I think Kubo's making fun of Ishida's sexual orientation in this arc (or of those who are certain of Ishida's sexual orientation). Not going to discuss, nope, nope, no sirree.
   Here comes the discussion.

  Ishida is the last man standing of the rescue mission. Rukia and Chad, definitely down for the count. Ichigo, flattened by Ulquiorra but definitely capable of resurrecting because of that Inner Hollow ability and the fact that he's the main character. Looks like Renji just made a noble sacrifice in 275 (can anyone tell me if that's Renji's closed eye in one panel or Zael's open one? I see the latter) and looks burnt up, beat up, and ready to fall if he hasn't already (*chants* bankai, bankai, bankai! We want to see your ban kai!) Ishida, now, as someone said this week is god-moding XD. He's pulling out tricks from nowhere.

  Actually I'd argue that we haven't seen the best of Ishida yet. Those doo-dads on his belt were simply new weapons. His ability to absorb or manipulate spiritrons hasn't been touched upon at all in this arc--and Kubo dropped a big clue when he showed us these Ishida panels

Ishida kinda scares me in that last panel--he looks a little power freaky. Anyway, subsequent panels reveal that everyone may be stronger in Hueco Mundo. I don't, though, believe that the fallen will be popping back up anytime soon.

Doesn't Ishida shine from the beginning of this arc? The first thing I noticed was that Kubo was drawing him better--he was absolutely beautiful in some early close-ups. Ichigo, meanwhile, stayed chibified much of the time until Rukia and Renji showed up. Look how many covers Ishida's gotten in this arc--I'm counting four so far--the one with Chad, the one with Daddy, the one with the scary pants, 275's one with Renji.  You have to admit, that's a whole lotta Ishida.

Ishida never seems to be ill at ease--even as his pretty new Quincy clothes get battle-torn. He's fighting smart and he's fighting with confidence. He's doing things he's never done before--such as allowing himself to be involved in teamwork and partnering up with Chad and Renji. He's developed a new Ethics ( yes, let's steal things from Daddy, shall we, and disobey him completely for the greater cause) and not only is he hanging with Shinigami--he saves a Hollow's life and starts hanging with Pesh!

He sparkles and shines!

We could be in for a major Kubo surprise next week--I say that only because we've been led to believe that Ishida's got this fight in the bag.
It would be so WTF to see Ishida go down, but I suspect he still has a role to play in this arc. His inevitable reunion with Orihime should, by all logistics of story-telling, happen in this arc. And whether or not you believe Ishida has chivalrous, friendly, romantic, stalker-obsessive or Pride of the Quincy motives in rescuing Orihime, no one can deny that he's gone all out so far. He's one determined Quincy from the start--we don't  hear of anyone's resolve until Rukia gives her dying soliloquy and Ichigo (to me) seemed lackluster before the arc, but Ishida--he was so mad he was yelling at Urahara. He was getting into "warrior mode."

Ishida can't drop yet because he hasn't confronted the issue that will change/save/allow his character to grow. Chad found out that he's a Hollow and where his other arm belonged, Rukia was able to finally let go of the Kaien baggage, Renji--well ya know, it's funny but I see even a little Renji triumph in his being able to use kidou. There's a clue early on of his working with Renji and kidou being a part of it (Kubo is anything but subtle sometimes--that's why I think a whole gob of Ishi and Hime stuff in SS arc must come to fruition soon--for the better or worst). Anyway, this is called foreshadowing. XD XD

A friend of mine mentioned that while Orihime's powers are seeming very weird and limitless at the moment (there will be limits, or she'll lose those powers, or go to serve in the Royal Family, or die.....) Ishida seems to be displaying some strange powers too--powers that are "god-moding." I would argue that he's anything but undefeatable--we've seen him in close calls a few times, saved by Pesh, saved by Renji.
If he keeps up with this confident fighting and good luck, he may be able to actually come across Orihime. But as everyone's always wondered---HOW THE FRICK  ARE THEY GOING TO GET OUT OF THERE, FAIR MAIDEN IN ARMS OR NO?

Alright, that's long enough of a post. I could post some more pix of Ishida looking sharp in this arc (I like the cover with the weird pants) and have you tell me that Ishida's isn't being presented as the hero of this arc in the way Ichigo was in Soul Society.

But for now, I'm just wondering... what's up next for our bow and arrow boy? Do you think Zael will be the one to bring him down (Zael said he knew about the Quincy so I'm wondering if he's got some new info to taunt Ishida with). I can't see Ishida fighting an Espada. There may be a couple more fights in this arc but I don't think they'll be his.

And did he bring a spare cape?  A spare Quincy outfit?  I think he'd look nobler showing himself to Hime for the first time if he's all grunged up like he is now.

I wonder if it's any coincidence that  I've written two Ishida fics this week and started a third. *looks askance* I know, I'm always writing about Ishida. I swear, swear, swear that Ukitake fic is next. A "perfectly great guy" is a real challenge.
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