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Ship Goodies 2009

hey there everyone, Annie and I were talking ships the other day and counting up the goodies for the major ships in Bleach insofar as bragging rights go, and she came up with the following list for IchiOri, UlquiHime, and IchiRuki. I thought it might be fun if some of us who followed Bleach in 2009 with shipping goggles for other less popular, less contested ships might want to add our own lists or amend Annie's (I'm going to take issue with her saying that IshiHime didn't have much beyond Ishida being grand in the Lust arc in a comment later and show her what the IshiHime shippers saw--and I KNOW IchiIshi shippers can boast CANON PENETRATION!)

I also tried to find some images for Annie but couldn't find them this morning--like the Ulquiorra calendar chibi (I only have colored versions of him!) that was on the back of the Orihime December month on the 2010 manga calendar. So if folks want to contribute shippy images to this entry, feel free.

IchigoxOrihime goodies for 2009


The sins arc. Orihime protects Ichigo with her shield when Ulquiorra gets upper hand. Ichigo enrages over Orihime’s safety. He then asks Ishida to protect her before head off to battle Ulquiorra (ch 341-347)

The lust arc: Ichi heard Orihime’s cry and tries to get up to protect her (ch 350)

IchiThing mumbles he’ll save and Orihime hears it (ch 352)

Ichigo thinks of Orihime while battling Yammy (ch 379)

Ichigo mentions Orihime thrice regarding her healing power (ch 382)

SJ preview picks Orihime as a fan representation to talk about what Ichigo’s hero quality (Naruto used Hinata)

Volume 41 doodles for ch 350-352 is of burning badge. Some interpreted it as “Ichigo’s on fire and kicking ass”. Some mentioned the continuation of the burning badge parallels Vol.27 doodle for ch 232-237 (Orihime’s confession chapter) of flower withering.

Orihime's doodles

Ichigo's doodles


A new year spread: Ichigo, Orihime, Renji and Rukia dressed up to visit a temple where Chad and Ishida await there. Ichigo and Orihime are on the foreground.


Soul Carnival 2: The Lust arc is animated. Ichigo heard Orihime’s cry but only says “Ore ga…” (I’ll….)


Skycord ED. The CD cover is somewhat similar to the scene from the ending.

UlquiorraxOrihime goodies for 2009

Spoiler! <input ... >

The Sins arc: Confrontation between Ulquiorra and Orihime regarding her protecting Ichigo (too late).

He blocks Ichigo’s getsuga tensho when Ichigo about to fire it to Loly who is holding Orihime hostage.

The hands reach scene (ch 353)

Kubo mentioned in SJ note for ch 353 he wished to get responses from fans for his art in this chapter

Ulquiorra gained a heart while Orihime keeps on trying to reach him. (ch 354)

Ichigo thinks of Orihime being in pain over espada’s death more than Yammy. The panel is of her from the dome.

Vol. 40 poem of Ulquiorra: (Translation by Cezaria)

心在るが故に妬み I envy because of the heart
心在るが故に喰らい I glutton because of the heart
心在るが故に奪い I covet because of the heart
心在るが故に傲り I am prideful because of the heart
心在るが故に惰り(あなどり) I sloth because of the heart
心在るが故に怒り I rage because of the heart
心在るが故に Because of the heart
お前のすべてを欲する I lust for everything about you

The true meaning for the last sentence is “I desire for everything about you” but she chose lust to match the sins theme.

Vol. 41 doodles for ch 353-354


Ulquiorra is featured on back page of December month while Orihime is featured from her Christmas spread



Soul Carnival 2 shows the scene when Ulquiorra ask if Orihime is scared of him and she replied, “No.”

Jump Festa 2010

Kubo mentioned fans voted UlquiHime scene (Ulquiorra’s disappearing scene) as most impact scene (of this year)

“I’m not scared” scene was shown on the screen in Jump Festa (to show which scenes fans have voted)

Kubo played coy regarding Ulquiorra’s death.

IchiRuki for 2009

Spoiler! <input ... >

Ichigo rushes down to save Rukia. Rukia notices something is wrong with Ichigo and is worried about what has happened during Ichigo vs Ulquiorra fight. (ch 378)

Rukia witnesses Ichigo's mask and becomes even more worried. (ch 379)

Some believe Ichigo's doodles from ch 350-352 parallel Rukia's from her memories in the rain mini arc. They both were the only two people who got the black paged doodles. Both for the time they arguably have killed someone. Believing it indicated guilt and dark time the characters are going through

Ichigo's doodles

Rukia's doodles (ch 133-136)

Spread/Extra drawings

The SJ spines

New Year Omake: Ichigo spent time at Kuchiki mansion

Letter from the other side: BlueSky notebook drawing

Zanpakutou poll

IchiRuki drawing on JumpBang program (Sept 18th)

Link to the program


The cover/January mouth for 2010


Flame Bringer: Rukia was possessed by the zanpakutou so Ichigo has to save her. The famous quote is

Rukia: "in your heart, do I not existed?" (to Ichigo)

Soul Carnival 2: hidden conversation

- If you combine one character's soul piece with another, you will get a conversation.

The gamer combined Rukia's with Kurosaki Family members':

Isshin, "I finally have a third daughter!"
Rukia, "Thank you, Otou-sama (father)"

Karin, "Please take care of Ichi-nii (Ichigo)"
Rukia, "I understand."
Yuzu, "Let's go Rukia-chan"
Rukia, "Aah, let's go."

- With Chizuru:

Chizuru, "Good luck on seducing Ichigo!" (she looks like she's having fun)

Rukia, "No... I..." (looks troubled)


Kimi wo mamotte, kimi wo aishite ED

The lyrics sing about loving and protecting someone and will try their best to make that person happy. The animation shows sad looking Ichigo and Rukia in the rain. Then in the end when the sun is shining, she holds his hand and is dragging him to somewhere, smiling

Fade to Black DVD cover

I did not add Fade To Black given it was released last year. But the DVD cover is of this year.

Jump Festa 2010

IchiRuki by Morita and Oririn played a little stunt called "IchiRuki- short comic play"

Morita says Rukia is Ichigo's first time person

"in LAST YEAR'S MOVIE WHEN RUKIA DISAPPEARS, (IN THE CHEST AREA) AS IF THERE WAS A WHOLE OPEN, HE GENERATES A FEELINGS OF UNEASINESS, THE 15/16 YEAR OLD ICHIGO, the voice became suitable for his year then Morita san without noticing says "Rukia is (for Ichigo) the 'first time' person"

I'm too lazy to find the FTB chibi drawing and the Jump Hero land pic where Ichigo and Rukia are drawn for Bleach.

I left A LOT of IchiRuki stuffs out. Like Morita's other fanboying, the novel extra chapter and the CD drama of Rukia saying 'who I am right now is thank to Ichigo'. I figured we have had enough. There is no need for more,

IshiHime didn't get much except Ishida's grand and heroic act during the Sins arc

RenRuki gets nothing but several anime episodes. We could considered the x-mas omake as RenRuki since he was next to her to hand a letter to Yama-jii. And the new year spread....Since Ichigo with paired with Orihime, I guess RenRuki is also given pair as well


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