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Happy New Year Orihime (fanart)

I was feeling sorry yesterday for Orihime because she wasn't a cut-out at Jump Festa and because she was only a blip on Kubo-sensei's last spread so I made a New Year's wish for her to have a big wonderful part in the manga in 2010 and drew this. HAHA, this very morning there's a new year's spread from Kubo with a prominent foreground beautiful Orihime--of course his trumps mine but I still love my little wish. All my arts are little wishes, lousy as they are. My graphics tablet is SO dying but I've decided I'm going to buy a new pair of glasses before getting a new tablet--I need eyes to see better before I need a tablet to draw when it comes to art, right?

My broken tooth can wait though, haha.

clicky here for Deviant Art link

May you have your great moment in 2010, Orihime. I love you still (so does Ishida XD).
Tags: fanart, orihime
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