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Bleach Ep. 251 Discussion

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the ultimate douchebag. And no, it's not Tousen.

This episode is a giant flashback, basically, starting from where we left off last time. Muramasa keeps trying to call for a new world with Kouga and says they should let the past stay in the past. Kouga appears to have developed an acute lack of hearing and responds by killing the men who set him up for jail in the first place.

Ginrei clearly doesn't like that much as head of the Kuchiki Clan. And as much as I respect Ginrei, what he did wasn't too smart. So yeah, he had it coming when Kouga attempted to kill him and wasn't able to. There's a scene with him and Kouga that results in Kouga taking off his kensei with his sword and chopping off a piece of his flaming gay magenta pink hair.

No joke, I was thinking to myself: Yumichika wouldn't like that. How unfashionable. At least get it cut at a hair salon.

Anyways, Kouga gets it into his head that the whole world hates him which is true. So he goes on a killing spree that Muramasa reluctantly participates in. However, it gets to the point where the disconnect between the two results in Muramasa not showing up when called because he can't hear Kouga's voice and not because Kouga is going batshit crazy, which he is. More killing ensues and finally Muramasa asks Kouga if what they're doing is necessary.

I mean, Kouga killed innocent Soul Society bystanders who weren't armed, after all. So yeah, he's got a right to question what the hell his wielder is doing. But guess what? Kouga doesn't think so. He pulls a d-bag move worthy of Tousen and knees Muramasa in the stomach. Muramasa collapses and says that maybe Kouga is tired and that explains his pissy attitude. Cue the faint prickles of pity from the viewers. Kouga doesn't listen and keeps saying that Muramasa should be a good bitch sword and shut the hell up while kicking Muramasa.

Cue the very large roar of anger from the viewers.

More stuff happens and Yamamoto and Ginrei show up to seal Kouga away. Having realized that his swordsmanship isn't that great Muramasa's ability is actually useful, Kouga attempts to call on his shikai to defend himself from the two old men.

No go. Muramasa doesn't show up. Kouga gets sealed.

Now we're back to the present with a sword in Muramasa's stomach. Kouga bitches that when he called for Muramasa, Muramasa didn't show up.

Muramasa honestly looks stricken and says that he never heard Kouga call for him and that he waited for years and years and years before finally realizing that Kouga had been sealed away. All he wanted was for Kouga to be free again.

Kouga pulls a very douche-y move and called Muramasa a tool as he withdraws his broken sword from Muramasa's abdomen. Blood spills, pools on the ground. Rukia and Ichigo have matching 'what the hell' faces. Kouga adds insult to injury by calling Muramasa a tool once more before preparing to give the final blow.

Only to find himself stopped by Byakuya who looks very unamused.

Cue insane amounts of cheering from the viewers. Episode ends.

Anyone else feel like gutting Kouga and hanging him by his feet upside down? Just saying~~
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