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Karenai's Lust Arc Essay Goes To China!

Hey guys, remember THE essay by karenai  that caused so much controversy and was reported to mods when linked in forum signatures and the whole bruhaha eventually was reported by these same helpful elves to fandom_wank? It just went international. It was translated into Chinese, with permission of the author, here: hi.baidu.com/0603blackwings

I'm as proud as a Jewish mama gets. While I've had some fic translated into other languages I've never had a fandom essay translated, and I'm tickled that this community doing its little bit to elucidate and entertain fandom this way. Even though I didn't agree with every point in the essay (most notably that Orihime doesn't love Ichigo--in my view she does, per my definition of love), the essay does such a great job at reading Kubo-sensei's themes and imagery and presenting an organized thesis that I don't regret for one second the hate mail and grief the essay brought my inbox. It was a pleasure to host it for Ky.

The essay itself was partially responsible for a clarification in Bleach Asylum Forum Rules so that shipping essays like it (ones that argued in an reasonable way and weren't hateful paragraphs of bashing) were again allowed to be linked in signatures. The verbatim BA change was this one:

* No harsh character/pairing bashing in posts/sig’s/av’s. You may discuss characters flaws but please try and do it in a sensible way.


Ichigo sucks, I’m sick to hell of his lame ass plot kai abilities. (NO)

I’m getting tired of Ichigo’s constant ability to win fights even though he hasn’t trained or anything since before the Hueco Mundo arc. (OK)

Seriously, just use common sense.

While prompting a lot of mad defenses of a fictional character (Orihime) in response to the essay's perceived bashing of her, the essay itself was, I suppose, partially responsible for the very real bashing of some fandom people (it's okay--me, Kylara, Spacecat and others took it like men and fandom veterans). The essay got me to finally adding extra mods for this community. The essay moved a clever fan to request that another shipping essay (a pro-IchiOri one this time) be hosted here, and while comments to this essay reflected this community's own shipping orientation and there was a little bit of the expected shakiness when people strongly disagree, politeness and snazzy discourse and clarity triumphed over nyah nyah. I still hope, with the big pearly-eyed hope of a manga girl who believes in fairies in her barrettes, that one day "shipper" won't be a bad word in fandom.
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