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More from JumpFesta: Kubo writes musical lyrics; "ICHIRUKI"-named sketch performed

Thanks to sketchbaka  for the translation and to Annie for permission to link (I'm always thanking you, love--if it's not for green tea noodles, it's for something else--I need to send you a big New Year's prezzie!).  The seiyuu are the highlights of this report. Kubo has written lyrics for a song of the next Bleach musical and there was a sketch performed by Morita and Oririn called "IchiRuki, short comic play!" Haha--they actually said IchiRuki! Scroll down the page for various Jump Festa infos. The seiyuu translations are post #858. LINK (fair warning: you'll be entering the IchiRuki FC at BA)
Tags: bleach musical, ichiruki, jump festa
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