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Bleach 4 OST + Bleach BreathlessCollection Vol. 4

Enjoy the rockin' soundtrack, some tracks are the same but pitches are either lower or higher. I guess that's where the Tousen fly comes in for the instructions of music...

Download: [SS] [320, mp3] Bleach 4 OST


Hollow it's me again... And Merry Christmas! Until the album shows up.

Bleach Breathless Collection Vol. 4 Hitsugaya Toshirou (Paku Romi) & Hyourinmaru (Hamada Kenji)


[SS, mp3] Paku Romi - SHINE
[SS, mp3] Hamada Kenji, Paku Romi - PLACE

Note: Hamada Kenji and Paku Romui doesn't sing in the song PLACE, it's spoken in dialogue vocal exchange. It's not the first time for Hamada Kenji not singing but doing dialogues to a song (*cough*Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3*cough*) 8D

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