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Fanclubs banned forever at Bleach Forums

EDIT: Fans of Ichiruki can congregate now at deathberry forums
Fans of the Ichigo and Orhime pairing might like to go here: Five Lifetimes, On Love 

Just the pairing fanclubs are banned at Bleach Forums--and I can't say I don't understand why. Massive wanks don't sit well in my delicate sensitive tummy. But I'll miss the conversations in the IchiRuki club which had some literate, fun people in it , and I want to step on and squish all the trolls who make it bad for the rest of us. (Geez, I just sounded like elementary school teacher).

Rule #1 of LJ intra-relations: If you're not sure whether to post something, don't. I'm one of those who went around saying "don't feed the trolls, don't feed the trolls," and what do I do a few days ago? Answer one. That answer resulted with a lame retort in which I was called a cunt. Which is funny because I published a poem in the early 90's called just that. In the troll-hating throwing of pebbles on the playground, someone mentioned the Vagina Dialouges. I thought that was hilarious too. I didn't go back to read the posts in my very first LJ wankery, but I was scolded by a mod for spammage (rightly so--my first mod scolding ever too!) and then for something weird I can't remember --but it didn't apply to me, I think. Something about how kink porn can be like a missive from the Vatican (can you tell I'm still haunted by the fact that I can't write good porn)?

My persistent suitor (sarcasm, sarcasm)  may or may not be involved with the Bleach ship business (I think I know who they are, poor things) but why oh why does anyone fricken care that I want two cartoons to get it on? I loved Kenpachi/Unohana last year, so should  I (see icon) be persecuted for this simple belief. Speaking as someone whose near relatives did the Death March from Poland to Germany, I honestly do not want to be taken seriously. I don't want my ships to be taken seriously. People took my petition to Kubo seriously. WHAT?

 Stalkers and suitors and bad-mouthed fans would be occasional entertaiment if it weren't for trolls. Sometime when I sit down at the computer, it's like walking into a swarm of gnats.  I mean, why compliment them by calling them trolls? Why trolls? What emotional need in themselves are they satiating? Can they write any anything other than "nyah, nyah, nyah, your team sux, you're a cunt, you're stuck-up" AND WHY can't there be plain, simple discourse?  Is that so hard, children? People acting friendly even when they disagree vehemently. What in shipping fandoms--what exactly makes them so ... crazy highly emotional (there's a good kind of crazy and a wallpapers his bathroom with celebrity pics crazy)?

Ugh. I'm STILL trying to write the porn. The sex keeps getting swallowed up by the dialogue. I like my dialogue here, though. Ever had that happen to you? Something that isn't half-bad keeps distracting you from the main topic of your writing? Do you fight or flee?
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