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Bleach Movie #4

Thank you Syn and Zan for the update and poster images about movie 4 that came out with this week's Bleach chapter. Looks like the movie is going to feature Ichigo big bad Hollow form and is coming out next December. We'll be told more about the movie in the next issue of WSJ (two weeks from now--there's a break for Xmas) Side one of the poster with bloody Hollowfied Ichigo (click to enlarge) is hella cool with nifty textures and blood spatterings. Very creepy. The other side of the poster (click to enlarge) features a standard Kubo spread of amazing composition and fun perspective--does anyone want to comment on Aizen's swirly versus Ichigo's flowy and how the beam divides the deep hole from the upper city? Wait--what's Tousen doing there? If this is the movie, does Tousen live? Only two years to wait for a sub in English. *sigh*

Translation (by
[info]pikeish ) of text on the poster  The movie poster side features Ichigo's Hollow in "sumie-style" the poster says and it was drawn by Kudo, not Kubo (the other side, the one with Ichigo and the three villians is classic Kubo). Sumie style was used in ancient Japanese art to represent hell and demons like this picture of Emna.


"Bleach Movie"
The 4th, production decided!!!

2 years after the previous work. Bleach movie the 4th is on progress for opening in next year's winter!

In the poster drawn for this work, a sumie-style of complete hollowfied Ichigo is drawn but!? For the details of this work, wait until the next issue!!

In next year's winter, on the big screen, Ichigo a complete hollow!?

Television animation "Bleach" character design.

Masashi Kudo san's illustration of the movie published ahead!!!!

The movie's debut!
The complete hollowfied Ichigo holds the key to the story!?

The complete hollowfied Ichigo, whose left an intense impression in the original work (manga), will be first seen in the movies!

The superior battle skills will decide the destiny of Ichigo and his nakama!?

Scheduled for opening in winter of 2010!!!

There was also a 4-panel Christmas omake of Ichigo in SS that came along with this chapter but hasn't surfaced yet and we don't have pictures of the spine yet either. I'll have those for you when they appear. All we know is that the spine is Rukia and it looks like Chad is going to be the third character of the year on the spine of 2010 WSJ Year of Bleach.
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