kohi_no_tora (kohi_no_tora) wrote in bleachness,

Bleach (Anime) 250

Mostly a flashback concerning Kouga and how he rebelled against Soul Society

So basically, I called it after last week's episode. Kouga is a Kuchiki, though he married into the family rather than being born into it. And I spent a lot of the episode thinking that a lot of problems in Soul Society could be avoided if the Kuchiki could just learn to communicate. Seriously, if Ginrei had just been a bit more straight forward in telling Kouga what he felt and what he was doing things probably would have turned out a lot better.

Though I does seem odd to use Ginrei since he was around until Turn Back the Pendulum arc and this is set before Ukitake and Kyouraku became Captains which was nearly 2000 years previous.

Edit: Fixed broken cut
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