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Avez-vous une intime conviction ?

This French sentence is highly connoted; it's used in law courts, asking the jurors their conviction about the innocence or culpability of a man. It's meant to ask what is your own opinion, that you have deep inside of you, about this story. This is also something I have in my signature in BA, for more than a year now.

A little presentation; I'm someone who actually write and maybe wish to share the story that a friend and I are creating. When I look at Bleach, I have my own feelings, but I also look at it in a very dissected way. My friends know that I fangirl a lot, but that I also look at events in the manga in a very cold way. The truth is something I never look away from, even if I sometimes fear the outcomes. And there are some points, that I've seen discussed lately, that hold absolutely no doubt from me. Because I look at what's being told to me, and I use logic.

So, these opinions may be my opinions, but I also happen to think that they have their roots in the manga. Also, thanks to deb to allow me to post this as it is in Bleachness :3

1. Inoue Orihime is a princess
The name "Orihime" comes from the Tanabata fairytale, that is proven by an old spread that has 7/7 written at her feet. Does this mean that she's a long lost princess?

Nope. Actually, we have a lot of things that are certain about Inoue:
- her mother was a whore, her father was a demon, and her brother took her away when she was a kid
- her brother died, giving her her greatest treasure: her hairpins
- her relatives support her financially
- her powers are her own, that were awaken because of Ichigo's leaking reiatsu, just like Chad's, Tatsuki's, Keigo's, Mizuiro's
- her powers are "rejection of reality", and are similar to Hacchi's
- her powers DO interfer with God's powers

Now, does this make Inoue a goddess, the King's long lost daughter? No. Because the last sentence is true, it actually means jack concerning her relation to the King, which is zip, none, nothing.

Her powers are rejection of reality, which is why they fit her so much. Orihime is not for "like the princess in the fairytale" but rather "the girl who LIVES in the fairytale". It's been my beef for years that she couldn't stand reality and that was why her powers rejected it, allowing her to continue to live in a bubbly world. This has been especially shaped when she saved the lolis from GJ - her expression was absolutely not a compassionate one, she was acting like a true ROBOT. It was for her own good, to allow her to continue the fairytale that she healed them. Yet, this trait seemed to disappear afterwards when it came to Nnoi, Tesla, GJ? She's not a goddess, not a compassionate one either. Apparently, anyone hurting Ichigo doesn't deserve to be healed. She only truly reacted to Ulq, the only one to shatter her bubble to make her face the reality that she despises.

Kubo's not been very subtle with his irony when it comes to Inoue; even though she has those great powers, she hasn't lift a finger, she hasn't really tried her hardest. She asks herself twice about why she keeps on relying on Ichigo - the reply is quite clear: because she is the "Hime", he is "the prince" who saves her. Except, it doesn't go her way.

Her powers are inherent to how Inoue views and wishes to control the world, and they do step on God's land because they allow things that shouldn't be done - like, say, making the dead coming back to life? That, in Bleach, is considered as taboo; many people may think it's cool, but the truth is that the heroes in Bleach have their beliefs about life and death, that death is NOT the end and that reversing death should not be allowed because it goes against the balance of life and death. See, oh well, CHAPTER 01. Her powers are taboo just like Ishida's, because Ishida destroys souls, he also goes against the balance of life and death - albeit, in another manner.

This absolutely doesn't mean that she's related to the King in any shape or way. The two assertions are completely different, and if she was related to the King, her powers wouldn't go AGAINST God, they would work ALONG with how the Bleachverse works. The people you're looking for are probably Ichigo, Rukia. And even that is a bit stretching, but at least you have a solid basis with a blurry background that you can use for hypothesis. If anything, despite her name, Inoue's the furthest thing from a princess when you look at how she acts. A true princess would actually act more like Yoruichi or Rukia, if you want to take two extremes. Princesses are not bubbly things, not in my world, not in Bleach world either.

2. IchiThing is Ichigo's Resurreccion.

Are you nuts? Seriously?
Resurreccion is an ability, possessed by apparently both Arrancars and Vizards, that is comparable to bankai for shinigami. They call out their powers from their zanpakutou - just look at, oh, all the Arrancars AND say, TOUSEN?

Hollows are born from the humans' desires, that are twisted and shape them anew. No, this does not mean that Ichigo wanted to oh secretely protect Inoue the most, it just means that yes, this is Ichigo who wants to protect EVERYONE and whose wish has been twisted. Inoue calling out for help only mattered because she was the only one who'd do that; but in the end, it's because of Ichigo's nature that he turned like this.

Ichigo did NOT control IchiThing, he doesn't remember him at all; IchiThing is his TRUE hollow form, the one that we witnessed back then when he was training with the Vizards and that they had to restrain. The form we saw while he was fighting Byakuya is probably his Vizard/Arrancar form, the one that stands in between the shinigami and hollow form. Ichigo did NOT want to turn into IchiThing, while Tousen IS calling for his hollow powers. IchiThing still uses Zangetsu in bankai form because he is NOT Ichigo's resurreccion form. If you're looking for a way to say that Ichigo controled anything, that it's totally IchiOri, that it's okay... You're wrong. That's not what Kubo has been showing hence the Eyes of the Victor chapter, where Rukia notices right away that something went wrong up there.

3. Tousen's zanpakutou

It's his friend's. And I thought it was obvious, because it made such a HUGE ruckus when this chapter was out. Seriously, people were excited, wondering about how exactly the zanpakutou worked because of that. Now, thanks to the filler, we know that zanpakutou are imbued with the shinigami's reiatsu and that's how one is born - hence why Tousen taking his friend's zanpakutou is NOT the same as him taking the whole thing with its powers, but rather him using the shell that is this zanpakutou to imbue it with his own powers.

Also, yeah. Tousen LOVED her. As in, romantically. Just buy eyes please. I'm saying this because apparently, since it's unspoken, many don't think so while I thought it was obvious from the get go. There's not only justice that is blind: love is, too. Kubo's irony: 2.

4. Hisagi/Rangiku

It's a joke guys. It's only been drawn in omake, only from Hisagi to Ran and Ran never noticed him. I mean, come on. I think, if there's something that support the rumour that Kubo hates BL, it's that one: he made Hisagi, who was immediately taken by the yaoi fans, love Ran, a very feminine woman. That, and all good looking guys have a girl they love in Bleach. True FAX. Also, Iba also loves her. Should I think that IbaRan stands a chance? After all, if Hisagi does, why not Iba? That's just shallow to think one has a chance just because he's good looking. Kubo's irony: 3

5. Inoue's love is here because she's the love interest

And certainly not to make her grow, I suppose? Inoue has tons of problems, with Ichigo she's the one who needs to grow the most - Ichigo needs to trust his friends.

Admitedly, I don't like Inoue, but I can say safely that what I wish for her is more than to be a healing bot that goes on "Kurosaki-kun" and has the brain of a pea-size.

Inoue's love has always been one-sided, since we discovered her character in ch02 up until now. Ichigo only cares about her physical well-being, not her mental well-being [those who look at this points are Ishida and Ulquiorra, period]. Inoue's love may have deepened, but it also brought her in a downwards spiral and that's not how Kubo depicts a positive relationship. And it's not because OMG she's supposed to go through this with Ichigo, because it does look that he just well... left her, forgetting his promise to bring back her and everyone safe home [that is another problem, inherent to Ichigo].

One-sided love have been OVERUSED in all media to show the growth of a character. It's not anything new so I don't know why Inoue, who can't reach Ichigo, who is literally worthless beside him and who becomes self-centered and jealous when it comes to him should be an exception. That's the growth she's supposed to have.

Beside that, there are a lot of one-sided loves in Bleach. Why would she, out of all the positive relationships that are described, be the one who has her feelings returned when the other aren't? If so, why hasn't Kubo promoted this ship, like he perfectly knows how to with other pairings?

6. Kubo said no romance in Bleach

ORZ. That's not what I read there:

For a shonen series, Bleach spends a lot focusing on the emotions and different bonds between the characters. I’m sure you’re asked this a lot, but will we ever see any romance by the end of the series?
I don’t really intend to make it a romantic story, but it’s one of the aspects of the series, so I put it in here and there.


He did say there was more in his character than love when asked about the love triangle between Inoue, Ichigo and Rukia, yet he replied that to someone else who was much more general, and even replied that Rukia was like a ray of light to Ichigo completely randomly when asked about the meaning of her name. I wonder who the "no romance in Bleach" truly hurts. I'm certain it's not IchiRuki though.

7. Kubo is a big troll

Wrong. Up until now, he's never trolled me. I always expected the turns of events - Espadas dying, the IchiOri death knell during the Lust chapters [pretty much confirmed by the doodles], etc, etc. While I did want to see Unohana fighting, I also knew there was no way she'd fight Yammy - which meant, I'd have to wait again before seeing this with my own eyes.

When you say Kubo is a troll, that's just because he's not fulfilling your expectations. But he is fulfilling his story's expectations, because he's the one who makes Bleach. And anyone able to look further than just the cool poses knows what is happening in Bleach.

8. Ichigo is asexual and there will be an open ending

To all the people saying that Ichigo is asexual: no, just no. If he were asexual, he wouldn't be embarrassed by Yoruichi's nudity, he wouldn't try peeking over Matsu's boobs, he wouldn't be bothered that Rukia sits on his bed - when it never bothered him before. If you think he's asexual because of how he acts with Inoue, maybe that has to do with Inoue herself and how he views her - I keep saying this, but he does treat her like a little sister, IMHO.

Kubo has been massively supporting one ship, and that is IchiRuki. And when I say massively, I'm talking about covers, spreads, heavily romance shaded arc, song, sketchs, omakes, poems, movie, interviews, Rukia's name's meaning retcon, musical even! Which ship has even the quarter of what makes an IchiRuki fan proud? No other. And he gave a lot of romance for the ships - GinRan's parting, UlqOri's parting, IshiOri interactions during the SS arc, ShinHiyory lately, ByaHisa, NnoiNel even! [and so on.. listing all the romance in Bleach may be neverending].

Now let's look at what people see as a problem:
- Age gap: hahahahahahaha. Sorry, is Rukia acting like Ichigo's grandmother? Because it doesn't look so, and if Ichigo looked at his grandmother like he looks at Rukia.... ew, just ewww...
- Sibling relationship: nope, Kubo himself tagged it as more than friends, less than lovers. Try again. There's no mention of siblings there. And in the same idea, if they had a sibling relationship, that's assuming they'd look to each other the way they look to their other siblings. Which is simply not true - and they have a big sister/brother complex, yet they manage to treat each other differently than their other siblings.
- Different worlds: Isshin and Masaki weren't? So if they weren't, that means that Ichigo belongs to SS, which actually matches with my theory that he'll end up living in SS anyway. Perfect. XD
- Open ending: that's an insult to how Kubo works with his characters. When his characters demand resolution, he may take his time, but he does give it to them. The IchiRuki relationship demands resolution, and he will give it to them - but before that, their bond will deepen yet again.
- Soulmates in a non romantic way: just what is soulmates to you? Soulmates implies in a romantic sense because that's taking a place in your heart and soul that cannot be taken by anyone else.

Manga, books, movies, animes... those are mediums where the impossible becomes possible and the more impossible a relationship is, the more it stirs interest from the fans [Mulder/Scully from X-Files, Jack/Sam from SG1, Buffy/Angel and Buffy/Spike, but also Inuyasha/Kagome, and all the pairings that have two characters literally coming from different worlds/time - oh look Doctor, how much you stir wank with your compagnons!]. It never prevents their love [albeit Jack/Sam is truly impossible, it still was as canon as you can get, the SG1 fans will definitely understand what I mean], the canon of the pairing and them ending together. Especially in manga, because Japaneses love those things *stopped counting the number of shoujo with those themes*

A great thanks to S.A. who actually helped me finding stuff to talk about and whose discussion allowed to pinpoint a lot of points :3
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