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Coming Full Circle - Theory Discussion

I once heard that it is a fairly common practice in Japanese story telling to encapsulate the essence of a story or series in its first chapter. Thus the first chapter becomes something of a road map for the rest of the series.

So the question I have is, is this true for Bleach? And if so, is there anything that going back to the start would reveal?

Now at this point I'm likely going into crazy theory land. Sure the themes of the story are set up, Ichigo's relationship with Rukia (whether platonic or otherwise) begins and inspires him to get stronger, Hollows are introduced, Hollows are fought and defeated and Ichigo reveals some crazy strength in order to do this. These aspects have become extremely common themes and events throughout Bleach, pretty much every arc contains these elements.

But as I re-watched the first episode of the anime and double-checked it against the first chapter of the manga I was struck by the first time we meet Ichigo. When he meets a group of houligans, who have names like "Yama" and "Toshiron", and chastises them for disrespecting the grave of a little girl. This is where I think I"m probably reading too much in. I'm sure that those names just have sounds that appeal to Kubo, or something like that, but it made me wonder if at some point in the series, perhaps once Aizen has been defeated, we will see Ichigo chastising the Gotei 13 for neglecting their soul burial duties and such, perhaps tying in to the corruption of Soul Society in general.

My theory/question aside, can you think of an other "Checkov's Gun" type moments from very early in Bleach that might just now be coming to light? I'm sorry if this has already been discussed but I've begun to re-watch the series from the beginning and the possibility intrigues me (One thing I'm absolutely positive of now is that Ichigo has already seen Aizen's shikai after rewatching the show down on Sokyouku Hill.)
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