♛ KKdaGreen (kk2k5) wrote in bleachness,
♛ KKdaGreen

Kubo Tite is an EVIL GENIUS!!!


Kubo-sensei is the cruelest person in the world!!!
why end just like that just when Shinji is about to release his sword! (chap 385) omg. that's truly evil, sensei! :((
and, of course, many more sudden cut-out like that before _ _"

not to mention all the evil things he's done that i remember so far:

- let Ulqui die the most tearful/painful death (maybe he didn't feel any pain but I did T_T)
- let Kaien-dono die such a death unintentionally by Rukia's hands
- let Kaien-dono's body slayed AGAIN by Rukia's hands
(can't just leave him alone after dying ONCE! T_T poor Kaien!)
(I really couldn't help but cry watching that episode T_T)

- let Ashido living a miserable life in Hueco Mundo
(if memory serves, Ashido doesn't appear in the storyline manga, he only appeared in the anime.
And i gotta say i fell for him right the moment he rescue Rukia from the Hollow in Hueco Mundo.
and for god's sake, i can't stand his handsomeness after he take off his mask XD
poor handsome/cool/nice/awesome/gorgeous Ashido, he gotta live forever underground in Hueo Mundo TT__TT
poor Ashido, Rukia sword she WILL come back for him but she never did Y_Y at least that's what i remember)

(- and more more evilness if I remember T_T)

For all the evil things he's done so far, and for stealing fans' hearts that's what make Kubo an evil genius!

that's why I WORSHIP HIM for creating such a brilliant/awesome/perfect/bestest manga ever!
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