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Anime episode 249: Senbonzakura's Ban Kai! Offense and Defense of the Living World

Watch here

One word for me and it's ISHIDA!

Well, there was obviously more in the episode than just Ishida. I can't do tidy recaps like other people but I'll give you a great tease if you haven't seen the ep. We're in the Living World and the long-missed Ishdia, Chad, and Orihime make their appearances at last! There are some clever echoes to Ulquiorra's characterization in Muramasa, and damn it if that bloody-eyed bishie villain isn't doing the inevitable and becoming a wee more sympathetic under Orihime's gentle gaze.

We find out who Muramasa IS in this episode in that we see the Shinigami who wielded him.

But ooh yeah, ISHIDA FIGHTS! ISHIDA FIGHTS SENBONZAKURA! Besides the fact that Ishida is just the most awesome character ever to grace the screens of monitors everywhere, you have to admit that his fights are a nice break from the usual hack-slash Bleach swordfights. There are already people complaining that Ishida's holding his own against Senbosakura is unrealistic but everything about the fight makes canon sense. Ishida's shooting arrows into the air and allowing them to fall is one of his move from the Bleach games, I hear, but Seele Schneider's ability to absorb little flower petals of energy shouldn't surprise anyone. It's basic Bleach 101.

It was a good fight.

But if you want to bitch about it, I won't throw you out of the comm. XD. The animation for this episode was meh. Looks like the movie-budget is running out, but I still have to give this filler arc kudos. It's kept my interest.

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