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All I want for Xmas Poll and Ramblings about the Nature of Fandom

Wow, everyone’s behaving all nice and friendly-like in that last entry about shipping. Sometimes I think this community has developed a nice atmosphere. Or maybe people are just dipping into the egg nog early. I’ve got Hanukah soon--I promise I’ll scan a new IshiHime doujin for bleachness members as a gift. Wish I could send you all tangerines from my backyard tree or transport some of my latkes to you (on second thought, no, you don’t want those--I’m not the world’s best latke fryer…. but if you’ve read my fic you know that I’m not embarrassed by much so every year I bravely burn pound after pound of potatoes for the sake of tradition). Alas, the RL demands that took me away from fic-writing last year are still here, but MAYBE I’ll get that two year old bday fic I promised for jaina up before the New Year. I feel conflicted about this site no longer being my fanworks site--I’m thrilled everyone’s having a good time here, but damn, I want to play too! (Stop looking at me like that--I know better than to take prompts! Maybe when the next contest event rolls around....)

Last week was weird, fandom-wise. I thought that someone had started sending me obscene letters because of my recent cameo on fandom_wank but it turns out that I was only one of many being targeted by this trolly person for having left positive comments on a nudie pic of Shinji and Hiyori by my beloved LB7-sensei. Usually I don’t take negative mail too much to heart anyway but this guy was seriously abusive (as in making GROSS correlations between ass-sex and the quality of fanfic) and I was just relieved to find out I wasn’t being singled out … I dunno why, but maybe, like I told LB7-sensei, knowing others were running around molesting virgins and taking it up the ass and writing bad fics TOO made me feel less lonely. Spacecat said being compared to Hitler was worse, and I agreed, because with Hitler there’s that little issue of being responsible for the deaths of gajillions whereas I was just being called a whore. So it was agreed that Space had it rougher in fandom last week than me. No one had it as bad as Tousen though because Kubo dressed him up in a condom.

Still. It bothered me that fandom_wank called bleachness an IchiRuki shipping site when the biggest tag for this community is IshiHime and I draw WAY more this than this.

(It seems to me that “yaoi fangirl” is a slightly higher designation than plain “shipper” in taxonomy of fans by non-shippers, and I’ll flaunt my yaoi fangirl cred in order to confuse and enrage random fanbois at any opportunity. It’s the yaoi fangirls’ love I want, though. I won’t accept second-class slasher status just because I ship het too, but, in the end, I know I’m not really taken seriously as a yaoi fangirl. It’s like being bi shouldn’t exclude a person from the gay bars but you still get funny looks from the regulars who think you’re just EXPERIMENTING!).

ANYWAY, last week ended up being okay. Against the best laid plans, Kubo and I didn’t break up, Space and I didn’t either, and the guy obsessed with Hiyori’s virginity got banned from DA. As happens over the natural course of days in fandom, peace and stability returned to the land

I’m always amused at the way the Internet polices its own with the power of tribal influences such as shaming, mocking, and ostracism. Shaming may be as unpleasant a process to watch as a cheetah taking down a crippled zebra and then gnawing on its head, but when it runs its natural course, good shaming gets undesirables to flee forums and pushes special snowflakes to fling themselves into pots of boiling water.

There’s a big difference, though, between the self-righteous ganging up on someone who’s being trolly (i.e., too dumb for the tribe, too contrary to the tribe’s core ethical mores, or just plain rabble-rousing and looking for trouble) than the performance art of mockery. The former servers a social purpose; the latter, well, it’s all about individuals in a jibe competition. This is when fandom preens about how it’s not as insane as thou over the source material. Fandom_wank used to be one of those special arenas where people showed off their sardonic wit, but this was years ago. It’s gotten to be one of those sites people fight to get on now (some fic writers think there’s no publicity like baaaad publicity) or else somewhere bitter foes report one another, batting around screencaps, misinformation, and not very well disguised desires for spankings and death threats (because, as everyone knows, great, insistent Internet rivalries are all about the S&M). Also, as always, because they just plain outnumber the smart people, the idiots have overrun the place, and it’s not as funny or witty as it used to be. In other words, there are a lot of people out there doing bad sarcasm when they can’t even do mediocre rhetoric and argument.

I used to freak out whenever my name made a YouTube comment, let alone a f_w entry but the site doesn’t hold my interest at all now, even when my own lovely fandom is featured on it. Last week, I was curious enough to check out the Bleach entry long enough to see that the bleachness information had been spoonfed there by some IchiOri fans still sore about Kylara’s essay. Ironically, that essay got 300 hits within hours of the f_w entry even though the original link to the essay hadn’t been provided by the helpful little wank elf (it went up later I was told). I read enough comments about “shippers will be shippers” to believe that it won’t be in my lifetime that shippers will be considered anything but subhuman versions of fans, the absolute dregs of fandom. (That’s a feminist issue for another time, though, because if I want to defend Romance Fantasy as a dreamscape among the many ways there are to nerdily love a book, show, manga or movie, then I’m going to have to get my hands dirty and my brain tired---there are just too many ways to look at shipping. Did I ever enjoy fandoms without being a shipper? Seems like I did once… before X-files, that show responsible for the very fan-term “relation-ship” Or perhaps I shipped Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, Mary and Rhoda, Troilus and Cressida long before there was an Internet fandom culture in which to ship?)

My, that was a ramble. I swear I’m sober and taking all my meds. Just give me some free time and I’ll write some pr0ns! In the meantime, have a stupid poll.


Poll #1495040 All I Want For Christmas

All I want for Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanzaa/Solstice/My Merry Winter Holiday in Bleach is

Isshin, nothing less
A return to the dome
Hiyori reunited with her other half
A Kubo interview would be nice
Just the tiniest crack in Aizen's composure
The resurrection of Ulquiorra!
Colorful spread full of sexual innuendo
Something I have to tell you ALL ABOUT IN A COMMENT because it is too meaningful to ticky box
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