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Episode 248

Okay. So. So. SOOOOOOO AWESOME *___________*

Can I say this episode was good? No, I can't. THIS EPISODE WAS THE AWESOMEST EVERRRRR!

Okay, SO many things to spazz about.

Alright, so, Ichigo has his usual superhero "It's ALL my fault, I have to save the day, feel bad for me" superhero complex. So obviously, we know in the end, Ichi is going to save the day. Cause it's not about him being the main character anymore, oh no. He just HAS to.

But it was so freaking awesome, because Ichigo tried to go up through the top of the fire cage, and Ryuujin Jakka was all like, "uh-uh Ichigo. You aint getting outta my grip THAT fast." and totally OWNED him, to the point that Ichigo fell to the ground screaming. Except, that no one ran to catch him. Which disappointed me, cause Yoruichi was all like, "ICHIGO!" and then BANG, he falls.

Oh no wait, he rights himself at the last minute. Darnit, I would've laughed so hard if Yoruichi had ended up catching him. That would've been plain awesome.

Anyway, so then we cut to Kenpachi, who's fighting Tengen. And after getting ticked off at the fact that Tengen isn't fighting at full power, he basically tells him, "Listen dude, I know you were holding back cause of your friend over there, that's why I got rid of him first. So either man up and show me what your made of, or I'll make you."


TENGEN GOES BANKAI! Holy popsicals, I can't believe it! That had to be the singularly most unexpected thing to happen this episode!! But that is SO cool, I mean, the Zanpakuto can do bankai is just plain AWESOMEEEEEE!!! *____*

I really, REALLY want to see Suzumebachi going bankai. I want to see it now. SHOW ME JAKUHO RAIKOBEN, ANIMATORS!!!

Okay, so anyway, Kenpachi gets this biiiig sadistic grin on his face, tells Yachiru to get lost, and then, they cross swords. Which would be awesome, if they actually showed us some of the fighting! Which they didn't. But they will probably keep skipping back to it once every episode, just so they can be all like, "don't worry, we didn't forget about you, Kenpachi. We just don't have the money or time to show you making mince meat out of another captain's bankai, so we'll give you five minutes to show your epic rape face and then eventually Tengen turning back into a broken sword."

I actually felt kind of sorry to see Gonryomaru in pieces like that on the ground. I really liked him. He was kind of cool, and his lightningbending was really awesome.

Okay, anyway, then we go back to Yamaji, and he finally reveals the WHOLE PLOT. So, it basically turns out that Muramasa kind of screwed over all the Zanpakuto. Cause while he gave them corpreal forms and told them that they're out to kill all the shinigami, for various reasons, except that in the end, he just wanted to get back together with his own shinigami master. This is starting to sound like a bad soap opera. I mean, seriously. It's like Muramasa cheated on all the Zanpakuto to be with his one true love >> but I really laughed at how the animators decided to work around their plothole this episode XD

Yamaji: Muramasa's after Kouga.

Ichi & Co: What? Why?

Yamaji: Because they're stronger together, [insert flashback], so we had to break them up.

Ukitake: Why haven't we heard about this before?

Yamaji: Because it's part of SS's dark past that was never mentioned. Until today.

Kyoraku: Yeah, but we're almost as old as you. And we were the first Gotei 13 captains. So how's it possible we weren't there when Muramasa and Kouga decided to attack and destroy SS?

Yamaji: Do not question the plot! Just nod and agree with everything I say, and pretend to look shocked at the fact that somehow during the last thousand years you overlooked an evil that was greater than Aizen.

Yes, that definitely does the trick.

Well anyway, so then Ichi does his guilty concience-flashback-angst thing, and tries going up against Ryuujin Jakka. Again. And gets pwned. Again. And then he gets surrounded by fire, and it looks like he's going to be getting some third degree burns, except that Ichigo has his ~*plot immunity*~ and doesn't get any burns!! ARGH!

This is so unfair! Why?? Why do all the main characters/pretty boys come out completely unscathed?! For gd's sake, he's surrounded by RYUUJIN JAKKA!! Strongest fire zanpakuto out there! It's really, REALLY hot. His hair should've at least gotten singed! T__T

So anyway, as he falls, he spots a trench, and gets the idea that maybe they should try going underground. Yoruichi's totally cool with that, does her shunko thing, and punches a hole through the trench. And I just want to add here that I love how Yoru's drawn this episode. Sooo pretty. Anyway. Ichigo's about to follow, but then LAVA comes up to devour them! OMG ILU RYUUJIN JAKKA!! You are the singularly most awesome Zanpakuto out there!!

If he doesn't get a corpreal form, I will be MAD! He better have a corpreal form! I wanna see what he looks like!! >0

Anyway, so Yoru's fine, of course, and she yells back to Ichi to stop acting like a mother hen because she's darn stronger than he'll ever be, and hurries off before Ryuujin Jakka decides to have her for lunch.

Then we flick to Muramasa. And he's got his pimp slaves with him.


So, Bya's officially gone from being a Gotei 13 captain and head of the Kuchiki clan, to being Muramasa's sidekick. And Muramasa's all like, "Thanks Byakuya. If it weren't for you, most of this crap wouldn't have happened, and I wouldn't be on my way to reunite with the guy who nearly destroyed everything you stand for."

Bya: "Oh no, the pleasures all mine. I enjoy making a prick out of myself just to watch my adoring fanbase whither in agony and see how much faith they actually have in my character to turn around and backstab you."

So Muramasa's all like, "............." and then he just STARES at Byakuya. NO seriously, for like, five minutes he's just STARING at him. Like he's about to jump him or something. And Byakuya's totally not giving him the time of day. Finally Muramasa's like, 'we gotta finish what we started', and Bya-bo disappears. And Sen just tells Muramasa that he'll take over the post of stalking him till the next episode, or until he runs into Ichigo. Whichever comes first.

Then Muramasa finds the cave thing Kouga's trapped in, and has a shoujo sparkle moment, before he realizes that somebody witnessed him getting all fangirly, and--zomg, it's Orihime!! And of course Muramasa tries to attack her right away, but Orihime defends herself with Santen Kesshun <33 omg, I can't remember the last time I saw this girl fighting! And then she reveals that Urahara told them that he was coming, Muramasa tries to hurt her, but ends up coughing and blacking out.

So then we cut to Yoru as she evades the lava, and then finally comes into a clearing, and GUESS WHO'S BACK BABY! Tobiume and Haineko ^_______^ omg, I'm so happy to see those two girls again <33

There's some banter, and then Yoruichi totally owns Haineko in the dissing department. Yoruichiiiii ♥ ♥ those three seriously make me laugh when they're together. I'd really love to see Yoruichi telling them the truth about Muramasa, and then them joining her effort in taking him down. They would totally be the ultimate dream team.


Or maybe not XD

Buuuuut! She does say that she can't destroy someone else's Zanpakuto! YESSS! You guys know what that means, right? There's gonna be another showdown between Momo-Tobiume Rangiku-Haineko! I'm so excited, YESSSSSS!!


Anyway, so then we go back to the cage of fire, and Yamaji shows us just how pwnsome he is. He's like, 'I can totally get Ryuujin Jakka back, but you gotta wait a couple of hours for it to happen, and we don't have the time'. So Ichi does his whole angst thing, puts on his hollow mask, and is all like, "I BELIEVE I CAN FLY~!!" and tries, yet again, to make it through the fire. Except Ichi is bad at learning his lesson, and gets pwned. AGAIN. Oh Ryuujin Jakka <33

Except that this time, Ryuujin's like, "Y'know I'm kind of sick of you taking the spotlight all the time, so I'm going to get rid of you" and he totally surrounds him with fire, and it looks like he's about to burn him to a crisp when HOLY HELL IT'S TOUSHIRO AND HYORINMARU!!! O___O

Seriously, seriously, fangirl spazzage NOW! These two are back, omg, I'm so excited!! I really, REALLY hope that there'll be a scene between Tobiume and Hyorinmaru. THROW THE SHIPPERS A BONE, DANGIT!!

Okay, so Yamaji explains what happens, and then he's like, "Help Ichigo get out" so Ichi's all surprised and like, "What? Why me?" and Yamaji gives him this look and pretty much tells him, "This whole darn mess is YOUR fault, so YOUR going to clean it up, because I've had to listen to your angsting for the last 10 minutes we were trapped in this cage together!" Omg, I love you Yamaji!! <33

And then Toushiro and Hyorinmaru both go BANKAI! And it's just so flipping awesome watching them work as a team, and freeze the ice and everything! And then Hitsu makes a hole through the ice that they froze, and Ichigo hurries through it, except that Ryuujin Jakka's all like, "OH NO YOU DIDN'T!" and melts the ice and tries to catch Ichi, but of course he makes it through.

And then awesomest moment EVER--Yamaji takes out his katana and he's all like, "It's time for me to punish my sword". Omg, I want to see a showdown between Ryuujin Jakka and Yamaji. THERE HAD BETTER BE A FREAKING SHOWDOWN BETWEEN THESE TWO!!

Okay, so then we go back to Muramasa, and whaddaya know, Orihime's healing him. Now, I just want to say, I LOVE Orihime. But seriously, WHY DO YOU HAVE TO TROLL HER CHARACTER SO HARD ANIMATORS?! WHYYYYYY?!

The trolling goes something like:

Muramasa: I just tried to kill you, why are you healing me?

Orihime: Because you're injured.

Muramasa: ...............okaaaaay. You remember that guy you pledged to love for five lifetimes--you do realize I'm his mortal enemy that he's going to eventually have to defeat for the sake of his role as main character, don't you? And this means I'm going to be causing him LOTS OF PAIN AND INJURIES.

Orihime: I know, I know, but I just can't stand to see someone hurt, and even though you might end up gravely injuring the man I had a crush on since forever, and are plotting to destroy the whole of SS by hooking up with your old master. I still have to heal you.


And before anyone brings up Loly and Menoly, allow me to say, those two hurt HER [Orihime]. Not Ichigo, not Ulqiorra (♥), just her, cause they were jealous and everything. And then Grimmjow came and ripped them from limb to limb in front of her eyes. So yeah, she healed them, because she's just like that, and she can feel bad and forgive people who injure HER.

But NOTICE, that when Grimmjow told her to heal Ichigo, she told him a flat-out "NO WAY IN HELL". Why? Because she knew that Grimmjow was only going to hurt Ichigo again, and mind you, she was telling this to a guy that could KILL HER IN FIVE SECONDS FLAT! So no, ORIHIME WOULD NOT DO THAT.

Anyway, so then Ishida & Chad show up! And I have to say, I really, really like how Chad is drawn this episode. Very good-looking. And then they exchange some words, and Muramasa remembers all about Kouga and runs off so he can *heart* him, and that's the end of the episode.

So, what to expect from next week?





And a whole lotta crap going down.

Or maybe not XD since the previews didn't really look all that promising, though I think Urahara was in there, except I can't tell, cause it looked like he was in his captain's robe <33 but I'm not sure. BUT, I do have two things to say.

1) I think Benihime is going to get a corpreal form!! Seriously, think about it, they're in KKT, Urahara was mentioned as soon as Muramasa found Kouga, so there's no doubt that Urahara's gonna make an appearence and aid in taking him down, plus he seems to know about Muramasa, considering he sent Orihime/Chad/Ishida to head him off. So, I hooope we get to see her materialized! -keeps fingers crossed-

2) Yamaji owns your soul. That is all.


seriously, if you guys read through ALL of that...I *heart* you.
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