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Mayuri/Ishida Torture Fic (Only because they made me)

Why does this shit always keep happening to me?

Some fan had some nerve but I'm posting here in the hopes she'll shut up. She won't.

I was going to post my other two kink pieces from the meme here too, but I wasn't nagged for it, so I'll wait to proof the damn things. At least nobody knows the kinks and is expecting anything.

WARNINGS: i've only read one torture fic (I think) so this is pretty tame (I think). Nonetheless, there is torture, bondage, humiliation, bloodplay (I think) and references to peodophelia. I think it started out as one of my let's eroticize-the-helpless-boy passages but it turned into a lot more Mayuri character study. So if you like your porn straight, graphic, and to the point, you won't like this.

Dirty Drabbles

eta: this story has now been titled "My Job" and can be found on my website and other archives--I have no shame! HAHA!

Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters: Kubo Tite does.

Description: NC17. Drabbles written to answer an anonymous LJ challenge called Bleachkink. Here is one drabble written from a  prompt on that meme. No apologies. I did the best I could, but I think these are “vanilla kink?”

Un-beta-ed. I never thought I'd say that. I've only re-read this fic once

Bleachkinkmeme #1 Mayuri and Ishida (torture)

“Are you surprised to see me?”

The boy appeared to be. His eyes were wide and confused.

“Surprised to be alive?” The mask-like face of Captain Kurotsuchi Mayuri reflected light from metal instruments in the room. The face had a shiny, mechanical quality. Like a robot face but not that dumb.

“Kaname released, I hear, and you should be very grateful that he didn’t intend to kill you.” A soft chuckle. “I should be grateful too. For a moment there, I thought I’d lost a wonderful specimen.”

Ishida attempted to sit up but his wrists and feet were bound with broad leathery restraints. His eyes darted around to locate himself. He was lying on a black slab in a white room that appeared to be a laboratory. A thin kimono reached only to his knees, and several blood-browned bandages were wrapped around his spread-apart arms and legs.

“Why….” The voice was hoarse and barely audible. “Why didn’t he kill me?  Blue pupils were dilating with fear. “Where did she go? Inoue-san. The girl.”

“Listen to yourself--your voice is shaking. Where’s that arrogant brat I fought? Where’s the prideful Quincy?”

“Inoue-san,” the soon-to-be test subject repeated. He was trying to compose himself and his next words were steady and hard. “The girl--where’s the girl? What did you do to her?”

“The fourth division wouldn’t give her to me. Captain Unohana was too interested in her healing powers. They threw you out, though, like the evening trash.”

Mayuri scanned the boy’s body judiciously. “Good, good, all limbs …  only superficial damage … haven’t gotten anything better than stray body parts in a long time…. I’m fortunate. A rare, talented Quincy and a pristine one at that. ” Mayuri put one finger over Ishida’s left arm. The boy tensed at the touch. “I did manage to wound you deeply here. But otherwise….” Mayuri looked the boy in the eye. “Pristine."

Ishida glared back. “I defeated your ban kai. You were forced to turn into a weak puddle of yourself. You were--” He spat the next words. “Something green and sewage-y.”

“Boys, boys, always arguing about the particulars. A technical win or a stolen match. It doesn’t matter. I have you here, and I can do anything I want with you.”

To prove his point, he leaned over, grabbed a fistful of hair, and allowed a slow thick stream of saliva to drip on Ishida’s face. The boy winced.

After the sum of Mayuri’s saliva depleted, he pulled away. His strange face had a tongue and it licked its lipless lips. “My body reconstructed sooner than expected.” Mayuri let go of the hair, and Ishida’s head thudded on the metallic slab. “I came back to my original form in only hours. I tend to underestimate myself.  Akon, get the instruments!”

“One cannot gauge spirit power, even one’s own, by rough guesses and estimations,” Mayuri continued. “Science. There is science to measure everything. Akon, you are slower and stupider than Nemu. How hard is it to locate one little box?”

The bumpy-skulled assistant was next to Mayuri in a flash. “I found the box, Mayuri-sama. I apologize for not hurrying.” A bow. “I was merely checking to see if the cameras were running.”

“Then this time I won’t take your liver,” said Mayuri and then a smiled a slight smile. The absence of lips made his face look more like it was grimacing. “We would hate to miss recording visuals.”

“What are you going to do?” came a cold voice from the operating table. “The things you told me you did to my grandfather--are you going to do them to me?”

“Pfft. That degenerate wasn’t interesting at all. We’d scarcely gotten to the brain surgery when he began to shout for … who was it? Uryuu, Uryuu. That’s you, right? I should write that down….
“Stop it.”

“Other Quincy called out for their mates, their children. This old man called out for a little boy.  He’s just a little boy, he would cry.”

“Stop now.”

“Hmmm, so it was your own grandfather who played with you before it would come my turn?” Mayuri’s voice became light and mocking. “A man who is too fond of little children must be that way because he lacks the power to shoot the bow…. his Hollow score is low….”

“You’re crazy.”

“So he pinned other things, am I right?”

“Stop it.” The boy was making no attempt to hide the panic in his voice. “Don’t insult my grandfather.”

Mayuri lifted his long black middle nail and from the tip of the nail popped a thin glistening knife. “So one has ever fondled you?


“You’ve never entered anyone or been entered?”

Ishida didn’t seem sure whether he should answer or not.


“Virgins and children exhibited similar responses for this first round of tests. Maybe you, the powerful Quincy who performed those amazing Quincy techniques--you might react differently.”

The little blade ripped the white kimono in a flash. The boy gasped. The fabric had all been swept away except for some on the back and one jagged white sleeve.

Mayuri’s fingernail pointed to the sleeve. “Sometimes I forget which side I’m operating on, so I needed to mark where I’d wounded you.”

Ishida was breathing slow deep breaths. His wrists struggled a little in their bonds.

“Your eyes are not afraid but your body is.”

“I’m a Quincy. I am not afraid. I can and will meet my death with dignity. Whatever you cut out of me, you can’t cut out my pride.”

“Pride? Aren’t you afraid that I’m going to rape you?” Mayuri pointed the tiny knife at Ishida’s throat. “Oh goodness no, that’s not my job. I don’t like little boys. Especially ones that taunted me in battle. What was it you said?  Weep and apologize?” His tone became stern. “A brat like you telling that to a captain like me.”

“Someone will defeat you.” Ishida’s voice was still unwavering. “Someone like you should not be allowed to live.”
“Trying to go off with famous last words, are you? Well, relax, you’re not going to die tonight.” Mayuri retracted the knife and gestured to Akon. “Go ahead and attach him to machine number one.” The lipless face then spoke to Ishida like a kindly doctor trying to reassure his patient before surgery. A light, casual voice. “The first thing we do is measure your pain response versus your pleasure response. Quincy, as I recall, are--were such sensitive beings. You, being a genius,” he stretched out the word with a lascivious hiss, “will probably have very high readings both.”

“You’re a monster,” Ishida whispered.

“You’re a brat.” Mayuri slapped the boy’s face. “You’re not to say that to me again or I will take your tongue out and watch you eat it.”

Ishida remained silent as the mark reddened on his face. He was staring straight ahead, either bracing himself or trying to go into a trance.

Akon checked the monitor of a handheld computer. “He has very low blood pressure. We should take care not to kill him too soon.”

“Stop it with this look of a martyr.” Mayuri stuck Ishida in the ribs with the nail. Blood poured in a thin rivulet over white skin. “You do what I say or Akon will fuck you in the mouth until you bleed. Until you cannot move your pretty lips.”

Ishida’s limbs moved reflexively away from Mayuri. Fingers over the tight restraints opened and closed.

“Akon!” As Akon stepped forward, Ishida began to struggle in earnest. Pitching his knees up as far as they would bend and twisting his arms. His naked white torso bucked up and down the slab.

Akon was attaching electrodes to the restraints at each corner of the bed. Despite the boy’s struggling, it was an easy task. The subject was twisting himself and not the black bands holding his wrists and ankles.

“Expect to tube-feed this one, Akon, said Mayuri. “He’ll be too proud to eat. He’s young, though. Should last.”

“Yes, Mayuri-sama.”

A syringe appeared in Mayuri’s hands--it seemed to have popped right out of his middle nail. “Oh I forgot. This one has an annoying scream. I’ll have to tear out his vocal cords, but for the time being--do we still have oh what do you call them? Or just get something dense.”

“I won’t scream.” The boy was still writhing as if he could truly break the bonds. His face, terrified, still showed defiance. He wanted his voice. “I won’t scream.”

“They all do,” said Mayuri and injected the needle into the boy’s thigh.

The boy stopped struggling and threw his head back.

“It’s not anesthesia, you moron. You’ve already given up? It’s just a fluid that helps us measure your responses.”

While the boy’s head was thrown back, Akon gagged him. The blank band went around the boy’s head, and Akon snapped it in the back.

“Now?” asked Mayuri.

“Yes,” said Akon.

Mayuri released the little knife again and stabbed the boy’s good arm. Over and over. Slow, deliberate piercings.

Ishida’s eyes were closed and his face was clenched behind the gag. He threw his head so far back that one could see the whole of his Adam’s apple moving.

“Not bad,” said Mayuri as he pulled the last knife out with extra-slowness. “You adapt. These little pokes were equal in intensity to the ones I gave you with the tip of my zanpakutou, yet you screamed your pathetic Quincy head off then, didn’t you?"

Mayuri placed his palm on the boy’s abdomen. The hips had been writhing , but at the touch of Mayuri’s hand, they stilled. The hands began twisting now.

“It’s my reiatsu,” Mayuri explained. “I could hold you down myself for these experiments except that we need the attachments to measure your responses. You coped with level one pain. Let’s see how you respond to pleasure.”

Ishida shouted what sounded like curses muted by the gag.

“I can still hear him,” Mayuri said. “I will definitely have to operate on his throat next.”
Mayuri’s hand traveled slowly to the hair and genitals. It paused, not doing anything over the groin area for a long while and then it moved gingerly again. It stroked the underside of the boy’s penis. With a delicate grazing motion, the hand went back and forth, back and forth. On the seventh stroke, the organ was aroused and hardening.

“Young ones, Akon. It never fails. Not a half-minute and they’re ready.”

“I remember, Mayuri-sama.”

Mayuri’s hand didn’t leave the organ. It was wrapped around the base now and churning up and down. “The old ones. This part took forever with them. Factor in that most of these subjects were terrified, and you should stand a good chance at have the highest score, Genius Quincy.”


“Your grandfather didn’t even register on the scale. I do believe that was before we stimulated the subjects with pictures as well, am I right, Akon?”

No response from Ishida. His arms and legs were no longer struggling.

“If I’d had a little picture of little you naked, I bet that would’ve made the pervert old hard.”

Not shouts but loud cursing sounds behind the gag.

“It’s been such a long time since I’ve had a Quincy like this.” Harder strokes. “He’s young, he’s a strong… oh I must correct myself… he was a strong warrior.”

The gagged noises increased in volume.

“Oh and listen to that. He’s not only very sexually responsive, he’s got a very loud voice. Maybe I should test it. Fear responses didn’t keep my interest for long. Hmmm …somewhere I have charts of Quincy screams. Tomorrow let’s see how he compares. I doubt he can surpass those shrieking women … There was this one… a lively thing. She managed to kick my former assistant… ” Slow, deliberate pumping. “Is he crying, Akon?”

“No,” said Akon at the head of the table. “Not yet.”

“It interested me why the young ones cried,” said Mayuri. “The older ones didn’t. Do you want to know why, Quincy? It didn’t have anything to do with sensitivity to pain. It was a psychological issue. Apparently humans expect their first sort of sexual activity with another human to be some commemorative occasion. Even the prepubescent ones knew this.”

Mayuri lifted the hand that wasn’t busy and petted Ishida’s bad arm.  He tucked the blade under the medical wrapping and cut it off. There was round scab the size of a hand on the upper arm.

“I had no interest in psychology and Quincy culture. No interest. My analyses are quantitative for the most part. Akon makes observations and I make interpretations later. For example, he is probably writing down right now how it is unusual for you to not be screaming by now.”

Mayuri stopped the pumping and rose his palm to tease the tip. He held his hand there.

“Another person’s hand masturbating you? It’s such a simple, simple thing, but so many of my subjects screamed. In protest, perhaps, but I don’t understand--this is one of the good parts of my testing.”

The hand released the hard red cock. The hand swept down, tucked under the buttocks, and traced a slow, carefree circle around the hole. Ishida, still pressed under Mayuri’s reiatsu except for the arms raised above his head, twitched but didn’t fight.

“I’ll do that later,” Mayuri said. His voice had dropped to a taunting whisper. “In the meantime, do you know what I want you to do for me, Quincy?

Mayuri’s little blade pierced the red scab. “Scream!”

But Ishida didn’t. He moaned, as if on the verge of a painful death, but he didn’t scream.

“Damn you, brat.”

Mayuri pumped harder and faster and with the other hand pricked the scab over and over.
That arm was soon completely red, and the blood was dripping with little tap-taps to the floor. Mayuri took his hand away and retracted the blade.

“He must like it, Akon. He’s holding his erection without fail.”


“The young ones. Such fortitude. To some I could say I cut off your mother’s head and raped the skull and they stayed hard. This one, though, a phenomenon, wouldn’t you say?”

“He’s breathing with his diaphragm,” Akon observed, pressing keys on his tiny computer. “What control.”

“I expected as much. This is annoying. We need a semen sample.”

Ishida’s belly was shining with sweat and moving up and down in a slow, intentional rhythm.

“Look at all that blood. Maybe we should take the arm. It’s not much use anymore anyway…no, no, let it bleed until he clots. He’ll live but the arm won’t.”

The moaning had become an unbroken, hoarse mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

“Dammit, you stupid child. You’re going to climax anyway, so what’s the use holding back? Do you seriously like the pain in your arm? What about when it rots away? You’ll only have the other one to enjoy. Soon I will not have enough limbs to destroy to get you off.”

Without warning, Mayuri stopped the pumping. “Yes, I know you’re really afraid. So was the girl. But you’re a brave, strong Quincy who won’t let fear overcome him. It bothered me how many subjects I lost to shock and strokes.”

Ishida’s eyes had widened at the words the girl.

“Oh yes, I was speaking of that girl. That shield of hers was very interesting. But she didn’t make it, so I won’t have the live subject I’d hoped for. Still, one can learn many things from a dead body.”

At the words “she didn’t make it,” Ishida had begun screaming. The noise was significant even through a material designed to muffle screams.

“That’s altogether too much vocalization,” said Mayuri, “for someone who is having a pleasant time. He’s still resisting, isn’t he Akon.”

“He’s crying now, Mayuri-sama.”

“How much?”

“One, two tears.” Akon typed in the data.

“Oh get over it, Quincy. She’s not dead. That was to see if your cock would spurt at the shock. Cheer up. Here’s some comforting news: I won’t be the only one you’ll be sexually interacting with. You might prefer Akon more. Or one of my female assistants.” His voice lowered to a grumble. “Nemu, that idiot is still out of commission.”

Ishida’s screams became moans again; Mayuri’s voice assumed its professional tone. “And the girl with the strange shield. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? You like her, don’t you? I will allow you to have her, as many times as you want. Pretty thing. Creamy skin, long shiny hair.”

“Still not there,” said Akon.

“I’m going to use my mouth, Quincy. “You mustn’t become dysfunctional on us now. We need your orgasm to calculate the next experiment.”

The black masked face with golden eyes and a line of perfect teeth lowered itself next to the hand that was still pumping. The mouth switched places with the hand without a beat lost.

“He’s close,” called Akon.

Ishida’s chest rose and fell with shallow staggering breaths. Mayuri’s reiatsu visibly lifted. Over the body, a gray green mist feathered away. .As it left, it appeared for one twitching moment that the subject was going to struggle. The subject was going to make it difficult for the mouth to stay latched on.  Instead the subject raised its hips and thrust  deeper into Mayuri’s mouth, colliding with the black face. Ishida held himself there. Silent.

He didn’t scream when he came.

Fresh blood rose on the already red arm. Mayuri removed his mouth and dodged the substance shooting into the air. Excellent, plentiful samples of semen were everywhere. There were drops on the floor, on the boy’s chest, and when Mayuri looked to down to see how much was on the floor, he saw some on his shoe.

He pulled out the knife that had stabbed the arm at the moment of orgasm.

“Ungag him.”

Akon did.
The boy’s mouth stayed open, as if frozen with rage. The eyes were wild, and he was panting deeply.

Mayuri wiped a finger through the semen on the Ishida’s chest and put some into the boy’s mouth. The shock of the gesture caused the boy to readjust his furious expression. Mayuri took his finger away before it could be bitten. “I just like doing that,” said Mayuri “to see how the subject responds.”

Ishida was swallowing.  Sweat stuck his black hair to his forehead and cheeks.

 “Well?” Mayuri asked. “Tasty? Disgusting? Sexy but not so much?”

The boy’s throat was full of tears when he answered, with as much pride as he could manage. “I’m going to kill you.”

“Oh?” said Mayuri in a casual voice. “Catch your breath. The next test will chart your responses to prostrate manipulation. Measure the diameter of your urethra. In other words, fuck you up the ass. No, don’t look so frightened yet. I’m not the one who’s going in there. Little sharp and spiny instruments will be doing that job.”

“I’m going to kill you.” The voice was full of rage behind stifled sobs.“I’m ….”

“No, Quincy, you’ve got it all wrong. I’m the one who’s going to kill you.  Mayuri wiped his palm on the black bed. “That part is indeed my job.”


I don’t know how to classify this among the kink fics.  Torture? Bondage? Humiliation? There are references to peodophelia. Torture by dialogue? Not sexy? Well, it had to be sexy for somebody, right? Myself, I’m starting like Mayuri more and more. He really is an attractive beast. ~_^

Ugh, she's the master of these. Check out her Mayuri/Ishida horror fic...
Typos, suggestions welcome. I think maybe I should cut some of the Mayuri.

Now back to making some fans believe that I am responsible for whenever they feel irritated or annoyed. I feel so POWERFUL.
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