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*GinYang's guide to the musicals since she is a MAJOR fangirl*

You've heard about them, laughed over the idea, maybe seen a few links of the early ones and laughed some more, but I'm here to guide you through the ROCK MUSICAL BLEACH COLLECTION!

Andromeda881, dawnfire84 on lj, has been amazing and posted almost all of the subbed shows on youtube. I found them a couple summers ago and fell in love. Bleach is my #1 "weird thing" and being a fan of the musicals apparently makes me a bit odd even for a Bleach Otaku. It's come to my attention that most of you aren't entirely sure what's going on when it comes to these shows. What follows is a slightly expanded version of a reply to the INCREDIBLE ANNOUNCEMENT that Kubo is helping out with the newest (and last with the cast I love) musical. You people need to watch these!

*Follow links to goodies*

1. Rock Musical Bleach: The first show with a tiny cast and tinier budget. The subbed version has yet to show on youtube but this one's pretty good for what they had. Spends more time in KK town and there's MUCH more Urahara (which is always a brilliant thing) Sorry for the RAW--I'll be getting ahold of the subs soon hopefully and I swear to post. If you're really familiar with Bleach you'll be able to follow...probably.

2. Saien: Basically a much better retelling of the first musical. Stretches from the beginning and ends with the big Ichigo v. Renji is SS. Adds Kira to the cast. This was the first one I saw and I have to admit watching Ichigo burst into horrible, horrible song had me laughing for a full 10 minutes. DON'T WORRY. Everyone gets much better as each musical passes.

3. Dark of the Bleeding Moon: Rewinds a bit to show the Ikkaku v. Ichigo fight and ends with "Yo!" @ the Sokyoku. My second favorite of the whole series. Adds Matsumoto, Kenpachi, Yoruichi, Ikkaku and Hanatarou but sadly Chad, Orihime and Urahara get cut. :( I get a huge rush from the title song and often use the "That's a MAN" song to motivate myself in the morning. Tango Silk!

4. Live Bankai Show 001: HAHAHAHA! Basically it's the Bleach characters putting on a concert of favorite songs from the musicals, introducing new songs and doing some HILARIOUS comedy bits. Also fans will appreciate the appearance of a surprise character during a well done Academy flashback sequence.

5. No Clouds in the Blue Heavens: Goes to the end of SS. (ps: If you're an IchiRuki fan these shows will kill you with happiness) Matsumoto couldn't be here for this one or the previous concert since she was pregnant but Soi Fon, Tousen and Unohana join the cast! It was originally going to be the last one and you can see Ichigo's actor Tatsuya crying at the end. Everyone's singing is topnotch...well, except Tousen but I don't care for him much to begin with. The Bad Boy Boy Band is a big treat, however. >:)

6. Bankai Code 002: SURPRISE! A year later they decided to do another concert and show! THIS ONE IS MY ABSOLUTE FAV OF THE MUSICALS. I have just found the subbed version less then a week ago from madrugaas. It's on the playlist along with the raw from andromeda881 so scroll halfway down--start from video 14. Wonderful. I actually cried during more then one song (of course, Byakuya's 'solo' had me crying for a couple different reasons)

7. The All: Basically jams the entire SS arc into one play. The whole cast is back (sans the KK buddies) and everyone's singing is at their best. The subbed version isn't up but if you know the story and have seen the other musicals you know what's going on. I'm searching about for a sub version.

And here are all the backstages I've collected! They really are in no sort of order...oops. Ah, maybe someday.

Happy watching! A few thoughts:

Kubo has watched every one. He's declared Rukia is just as he's imagined and Ichigo even better. I take that as approval of every IR moment--in particular the holding hands scene. I'm waiting anxiously for Code 003 and have my fingers crossed that we'll get some live IR lovin' from Kubo.
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