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Renji is Not Your Messiah

Hello :D

Some of you may know me as jukeboxbars on BA, but most of you probably don’t, ‘cause I’m not that famous XD

But I’ve been thinking (or rather ranting) about this for quite a while, and I decided if I ever sat down and wrote it out, I’d post it here.

Normally I would ask Debbie if it was appropriate to post, given that it does contain a fair bit of IchiHime directed anger. Then again, now that this comm is being so heavily shielded from virgin eyes, I'm not so sure it's necessary :/

Nonetheless, I've tried my best to write out my reasons why I absolutely despise when RenRuki is only supported as a "pairing of convenience," and to explain why I feel Kubo never meant for Renji's feelings, whether or not they were romantic (for the record, I believe they were), to stand in the way of IchiRuki development.

Warning: For excessive length and general bitchiness.

(If you're pissed off and you know it, cite the text!)

Edited to add: It's been so long since this was posted, I forgot my onemanga links have been taken down *facepalm* I'm locking the post for now until I upload the images myself.
Tags: authorial intent, fandom, ichigo, ichiruki, renji, renruki, rukia
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