Riham (ayshariham) wrote in bleachness,

Bleach Episode 247 =)

Watch it here

This was a fast-paced episode with an interesting twist. I like, I like.
Dear, dear Ukitake <3. I love how he's so patient with his Zanpaktou. He was being so sweet while bargaining with those kids. I was ready to throw something at my screen when those brats kicked him in the face, but Ukitake just rubbed his nose and walked on Lol xD
Eventhough Yoruichi winning against Haineko and Tobiume is predictable, it was still fun to watch, and I'm glad she used a different Kidou spell from Red-Flame-Cannon to lock them up. =D
Kyouraku's swords are <3 I love them, their costumes, their makeup. They're powerful and pretty, just the way Kyouraku likes them. xD
The thing about the barrier being made by Yamamoto himself was just as awesome as Muramasa's plan on using Ichigo's full power with his own to blast through it. I don't understand WHY Muramasa wants to get into Yamamato's inner world though.. (Not that I mind seeing it...)

The omake at the end was hilarious. xD Chad's "I don't care" in the expectant faces of Inoue and Ishida cracked me up, haha. What were they expecting when they shoved all those clothes into his face? xD
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