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Oy fandom

Oy fandom. If I really wanted to exploit my ever-growing POWAH in the land where people shoot the shit about cartoons (this girl appreciates but knows too well the cosmic significance of a humble el-jay community that is pushing a mere thousand members of Bleachtards), I could tell you guys a backstage story or two, gossip more than a little bit, hang some dirty laundry on my clothesline, but honest-to-Kubo, I'd really rather talk about the actual Bleach manga than about petty goings-on in fandom---as entertaining as these fan goings-on can be. (Wanna read a fun gossipy LJ fan journal? PM me!) I did, however, really want to make an entry tonight that made some clucking noises of disapproval (I've been in fandom too long now to make loud, venting, about-to-explode noises of distress) over some fandom brats at Bleach Asylum who took offense at my signature--because said signature linked to this community.

Yeah ... well, long story short, it does seem that links to certain essays in bleachness were reported to moderators of BA. I was going to start writing my tsk tsk entry but then I read Jenni's blog entry for today and found that she'd said everything better than I could. (I'm so happy for my lawyer and law student friends. If I ever get into any trouble with the MAN one day, I'll have all sorts of eloquent people stepping up to my defense). Anyway, I'm still more than a little amused that the same people who reported my sig that had a direct link to this analysis of Bleach in it by a horrible horrible IchiRuki shipper either did or did notice the direct link to this essay by a wicked wicked IchiOri shipper in it. Or maybe the entire scope of the comments and shipping controversy in general--or maybe the big words?--were just too much that the tattletales felt strongly enough that the delicate members of BA should be protected from accidentally clicking on such links and being exposed to the confusion and horror and wickedness that is this live journal community of bleach fans. O__O

Saints preserve us.

And may Santen Kesshun shield us all.
Tags: fandom insanity
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