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Have a Merchandise Post!

Hallo guys, long time no post, anyways I thought I would share some intresting pieces of merchandise coming out in the next few months, and links so you can buy/preorder them for yourselves!
Also Volume 29: The Slashing Opera (with Cirruci Thunderwitch on the front) has been delayed until january, I have noticed a few sites saying it's still out in a few days, so I thought I'd let you know.

Sorry for blank space, it's a part of the picture. Yes. Cookie Style Phone Charms. They can be bought in random boxes of 24 for 7200 yen, which works out at 300 each (around $3-$4 ea) Click the picture for the page to preorder (says november release but this maybe wrong) Apparently there is Hirako, Byakuya and Urahara aswell but I have not seen any pics.

A revealing Nelliel figure due out in February. This looks like a very nice figure, and could be yours for 6600 yen, so around $70 ish. I would get this figure if it were a little less revealing due to the fact I love Nel, but since I still see her as a child I just couldn't xD There are more pics on the site (you can see her butt alittle! XD)

I have posted this before, but I thought I may aswell include it. This hiyori is amazing and is around $65-ish. I have mine on preorder! It comes out in february so presumbly with Nelliel. More pics on the site.

This one is a december release! Perfect for lil shiro! This one is around $70-ish also, It looks a very detailed figure, and many more pics on the site. I would post more but not all have pictures, but when they do I will post the new stuff for you!
Also in the times I have dealt with this site, service has been excellent and my items have arrived in 7 days! I live in the UK and they come all the way from Japan Land!
Tags: hitsugaya, hiyori, ichigo, merchandising, renji
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