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The News of Orihime's Death has been Greatly Exaggerated

It's the buzz.
Even we've known that she can splice together Shinigami who were blasted apart by Ulquiorra, even though Hutch said "what you want will be," and all kinds of hint hint, suddenly Orihime is immortal and must die.

Orihime could have limits (time, space, personal energy required to raise the dead). She could lose her powers or have them curtailed. She could have them sucked up by Ishida's mighty spiritron-sucking Steele Schnieder XDXDXD.

Kubo corresponded with his idol Toriyama, yadda, yadda--we've all heard the story.Kubo's turned Orihime into the dragonballs. But seriously, give Kubo credit--he's not going to misuse this plot device. And if Orihime is the dragonballs , you tell me that you weren't worried when Toriyama blew up planet Earth along with the dragonballs?

It'll be awesome. You know it.

Fact remains--someone with her power is dangerous, dangerous, a threat to the balance of the universe (as Quincy were) and everyone's going to want her. Orihime will be the belle of the ball (hey, maybe she'll make Ichigo fall in love with her XD--nah, she only has the powers of negation as far as we can tell, not the powers of creation).

Guessing whether she's going to kill herself or die trying to restore the hougyoku is one thing, BUT SERIOUSLY ISHIHIME FANS, HOW DOES ORIHIME BECOMING SUPERGIRL affect that (possible) reunion in Las Noches?

This is from Adam at animesuki. He's just joined Bleach Forums and everyone's swooning over him. From the man who said "Orihime may love Ichigo in five lifetimes, but wouldn't that make her love for the other sixth man in her life all the more special?"

he wrote yesterday:

Originally Posted by Adam View Post
A reoccurring theme in Bleach is balance, and an idea came to me after reading the spoiler. In Volume 4 we learned the Quincy posed a danger to the world because they destroyed souls and threatened the equilibrium between the human and spirit worlds. So, if Orihime can revive people, doesn't that also make her a threat to the stability of the worlds since she can possibly add souls to one side of the equation of life? If this is so, both Orihime and Ishida could put the world in peril, but for opposite reasons. But if one is removing souls from the scale while one is putting them back on, wouldn’t their powers directly neutralise the other? Or, in other words, the world could be destroyed if one existed without the other, but would be in harmony if Ishida and Orihime are together. Doesn't that sound nice?

Do any of you buy this? Think it could happen in some version? I'd always imagined the Quincy repopulating themselves but then they'd force a threat to the universe and Soul Society again. Maybe somehow Orihime and Ishida will make a Quincy baby without soul-destroying powers.

Yes, I'm feeling all girly today. Hence IshiHime, Quincy babies, and googly eyes at Adam. Getting some little nasty drabbles in for bleach anon meme should snap me out of it.

As for the script 274--Renji jumps in front of Ishida to save him! Yey! My yaoi senses are tingling

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