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20 November 2009 @ 07:14 pm
What happened on the dome? Chapter 382 Confusion & Theory  

What happened on the dome? Chapter 382 Confusion & Theory

_debbiechan_told me that I should post this post on bleachnessso that I could hear more interesting opinions from interesting people here. So I did.

Bringing up discussion, I have something to ask after reading Bleach latest chapter (chapter 382) in Ju-ni version. It regards about the matter going on the dome and I need brainstorming for that.

Note: I just want to talk about something going on the dome in general and Orihime's action on the dome in specific, not really about Ichigo and his magical clothes, or not really about IchiHime or anything so... Please discuss with respect. I welcome critics though.

There are two pages in question in regard whether Orihime DID heal Ichigo on the dome or not.

"The proof of this is that, when I had Inoue heal me earlier, my shihakushou only recovered a little bit." - Ichigo -

"Inoue's healing always fixes my shihakushou too, so I got to thinking about it and asked her why it didn't this time." - Ichigo -

"And it seems that Inoue can heal wounds quickly, but it takes her a while to restore reiatsu." - Ichigo -

"But at the time Rukia and the others were getting taken out down below... so I was in a hurry and, in the end, I left without letting her heal my reiatsu." - Ichigo -

I also read cnet's translation of this chapter at mangahelpers.


When Inoue healed me earlier, that pretty much proved it. My clothes barely regenerated at all, right?

I thought it was weird, since usually when she heals me, my clothes get fixed up too, so I asked her about it...

...and apparently Inoue's pretty quick at fixing up wounds, but regenerating reiatsu takes her quite a bit longer.

We were in a hurry back then, because Rukia and the others were getting beaten up down below... / ...so in the end, I headed down there before she got a chance to regenerate my reiatsu.

Reading those two translations, we had those two VERIFYING that Ichigo and Orihime DID HAVE A TALK on the dome after The Ash aftermath and before Ichigo rushed down to save Rukia. And it also does seem that Orihime WAS healing Ichigo during that time.

But why? Does it seem odd or fishy here? Ichigo HAD NO WOUND FOR ORIHIME TO HEAL


(I remember that I had a talk with Annie before that Orihime could heal Ichigo's small injuries due to I've read the LQ of the scan, but she did confirm to me when she brought Bleach volume 41 that Ichigo's wound had already been healed by his own regeneration. There's no wound on him left for Orihime to heal.)

Comparing to the timeline between chapter 353 and chapter 377, we DID see that in chapter 353, Ichigo had LESS clothes back then than the time he appeared back in chapter 377 rushing down to save Rukia and other nakama who were already down to the floor.

And the curious thing is in chapter 354, Yammy released shortly after Ulquiorra's reiatsu disappeared.

It's obvious that would took a quite amount of time for the nakama got beaten up down to the floor between chapter 354 and 377. And it's obvious that Ichigo didn't really rush down there right when Yammy released.


Reading the two translations again, I have the feeling that this matter on the dome regarding to Orihime healing Ichigo and her power was spoken from Ichigo's POV where he perceived and assumed the things he thought and saw from what he could remember. It's not really like what Kubo wanted to tell us just like he did with Ishida whom we viewed as our moral compass or Kubo's POV.

I will start to analyze line by line to have my thought get through.

"The proof of this is that, when I had Inoue heal me earlier, my shihakushou only recovered a little bit." - Ichigo -

This line might refer to chapter 353, where he rose up from his hole being healed by his own regeneration and right after that he saw Orihime next to him. He MIGHT ASSUME that his hole wound was healed by her earlier, while his "shihakushou only recovered a little bit."

But thinking another way, it also might refer the time Orihime MIGHT ATTEMPT to heal Ichigo's reiatsu (his clothes) after The Ash. But his "shihakushou only recovered a little bit" because it took so long to recover and Rukia was in danger so he got impatient and just left her and Ishida on the dome.

"Inoue's healing always fixes my shihakushou too, so I got to thinking about it and asked her why it didn't this time." - Ichigo -

The interesting thing are those panels drawn for this line. It was from Nnoitra's battle in chapter 304 and chapter 309 to prove that "Inoue's healing always fixes my shihakushou" but Kubo didn't even draw any panel proving for the time "he asked her" or "why it didn't this time".

Reading back that Nnoitra's battle, I realized it was only the time where Ichigo was fully conscious to witness Inoue's Shun Shun Rikka power and he even wondered about her ability. Because in every fight with Ulquiorra, Ichigo was always wounded to be unconscious to see how her power worked (also how it failed hard)

He had thought about her ability before in Nnoitra battle. It wasn't strange if he thought it again, especially when he had no memory of what happened during his unconsciousness on the dome. So he might see it was "weird" and "ask her why it didn't this time", if I read that line right.

Reading this line the feeling I had that Ichigo believed his wounds were healed by Orihime when they weren't became stronger.

"And it seems that Inoue can heal wounds quickly, but it takes her a while to restore reiatsu." - Ichigo -

Note this line is placed in the same previous panels of Nnoitra battle. And like I said this line seemed to be spoken from Ichigo's POV about Orihime's power. IT MIGHT NOT BE THE RIGHT TRUTH. Because we all know that Orihime's power WASN'T HEALING AT ALL. It's REJECTION of EVENT. In case that you believed what Aizen said was a lie then at least you should believe what Ulquiorra analyzed her power "That is not healing. That looks more like time reversal or spatial renewal."

We did see Orihime's power on some occasions before where she could heal anything as fast as she could, be it the wound or the reiatsu because it didn't matter to her power.

The only time where she COULD NOT FULLY REJECT was the hole wound made by Ulquiorra at the first time because "there's an incredible reiatsu swirling around and shrouding Kurosaki-kun's wound" as if it was preventing her to reject it.

There's nothing in Ichigo's words that Orihime told him that she healed him wound (aka his hole) back then on the dome. So I'm not really sure whether Ichigo DID ask Orihime whether she healed him and she answered him by lying "Yes, I did" or not. Assuming that perhaps he DID ask her whether she healed his wound and Orihime might not answer or not completely honest about it, he still assumed it was her anyway without a moment of thought about his own regeneration because he had no knowledge or memory about it.

What I'm sure is Ichigo DID ask her WHY his clothes didn't regenerate like the time she healed him before in Nnoitra's battle. And I'm not sure what Orihime answer back to his question though. But according to this line regarding to the fact that "Orihime couldn't restore reiatsu quickly", either we can assume that Ichigo analyzed her power from his previous perception about it or maybe from Ishida telling Ichigo from his perception or maybe Orihime herself telling Ichigo.

I assume that Ichigo asked Orihime about her power and Orihime might answer that she couldn't restore his reiatsu quickly. Because you know, only Orihime knew that she couldn't reject any wounds on Kurosaki-kun made by Ulquiorra because of the monstrous reiatsu that kept rejecting her power.

"But at the time Rukia and the others were getting taken out down below... so I was in a hurry and, in the end, I left without letting her heal my reiatsu." - Ichigo -

In the end, Orihime WASN'T able to heal anything of Ichigo at all because he did leave without letting her healing his reiatsu. And of course, his wound had already healed by his own regeneration which I believed he had no memory of that and I also believed that both Ishida and Orihime didn't tell him about that either.

So what is the conclusion that I got after reading this chapter?

Here are some questions I have before reading chapter 382:

- After The Ash, what Orihime healed first? Ishida's hand? Ishida's gut? Ichigo's clothes? Ulquiorra's ash?

- Ichigo left before Orihime had chance to heal his reiatsu, but it took a quite amount of time from chapter 353 and 377 before Ichigo left. During that time, was she healing his reiatsu (his clothes) but getting no result to recover? Or was she doing other things besides healing Ichigo's reiatsu? Like healing Ishida's hand and gut or reviving Ulquiorra's ash?

- When Ichigo talked to Rukia about Orihime, he said that Orihime was healing Ishida's hand on the dome. Does that mean Orihime was healing Ishida's hand right when Ichigo left? So what did she do before that? Did she heal his gut first after chapter 353? Or did she attempt to heal Ichigo's clothes? Or something else?

So here is my conclusion:

- Ichigo THOUGHT that it was Orihime who healed the hole in his chest without knowing that it was his own regeneration. And both Ishida and Orihime didn't have any word to inform that to him. They were confused about that matter for why the hole suddenly closed and why Ichigo was miraculously alive. The only one who commented about that was Ulquiorra and I doubt whether both Ishida and Orihime would hear his comment at that time.

- Ichigo asked Orihime about why his clothes didn't regenerate like the previous times she healed him. Orihime MIGHT attempt to heal his clothes, but get no result to recover. For one reason, that she might answer him that she couldn't restore the reiatsu fully before like the first time she reject the hole made by Ulquiorra.

- The missing pieces from the time we returned to HM that Kubo didn't reveal are whether Orihime healed Ishida's gut and whether she revived Ulquiorra or not. Noting that both of them were occurring to IchiThing's actions and those made Ichigo's mistakes. Kubo omitted those information on purpose and made the readers wonder. While Kubo informed us about the things that Ulquiorra did to Ichigo and Ishida like Ichigo's wound and reiatsu and Ishida's hand which had been "healed" by Orihime. He didn't have any words about Ishida's gut and Ulquiorra's "death". So was Ichigo's reference. He only told Rukia about Ishida's hand, but omitted his gut. So was Ulquiorra's matter about Ichigo being the winner on the dome.

- Although I did assume that if Orihime healed Ishida's hand so of course she would heal Ishida's gut along with that. But after reading this chapter talking about the method of healing and reiatsu restoring, I have a second thought about that. Ichigo's wound and Ishida's hand were caused by Ulquiorra's reiatsu while Ishida's gut and Ulquiorra's "death" were caused by IchiThing's reiatsu. Those are two different things. And the fact that Orihime couldn't be able to heal Ichigo's wounds nor his reiatsu caused by Ulquiorra fully because it took so freaking long time. And up until now, Orihime was still healing Ishida's hand Either she used the amount of time to heal Ishida's gut that made by IchiThing's reiatsu and then later attempt to heal his hand and Ichigo's clothes.

- I'm still thinking that she did attempt to bring Ulquiorra back, but failed for an amount of trying. And then she realized that Ishida's gut was bleeding, so was his hand so she attempted to heal them. If not, she would heal both Ichigo and Ishida in the same Shun Shun Rikka circle. And while Ishida had progress (in his gut and his hand), Ichigo did not and he got impatient because Rukia was in danger so he left first.

This wall of text made by my incoherent thought because I couldn't sort them out. I was thinking about what happened on the dome and thinking about Orihime's action in regard of Ulquiorra. I saw that she did have her PAINED feeling toward his death. But Kubo purposely omitted her action toward his death and conveniently informed us about what she was doing after that through Ichigo's POV by healing Ichigo's reiatsu and Ishida's hand. And God knows why it took so long just for those trivia healing meanwhile Ichigo's reiatsu got no result to recover and Ishida's hand was still on progress of healing The most important healing was Ishida's gut and Ulquiorra's revival haven't yet been informed by Ichigo, that is highly suspicious.
oh gallant piglet,: BWUHaizome on November 21st, 2009 01:15 am (UTC)
"It's obvious that would took a quite amount of time for the nakama got beaten up down to the floor between chapter 354 and 377."

Hm. I don't know if I'd call it obvious. More like 'possible'? Remember how long it took Yammi's fall from the mine explosion with Ishida, and him finally landing on Rudobon? That was several chapters as well, but it wasn't implied that Yammi somehow fell at an unnaturally slow rate. It was just a pacing issue. It could be that this is also a pacing issue, but we may not know for sure until we see Orihime again.
jenny_jadejenny_jade on November 21st, 2009 01:57 am (UTC)
Well, because Yammy did release right after sensing Ulquiorra's reiatsu disappearing while the nakama hadn't do anything yet. Unless Yammy only used one attack and everyone was down right after that and Ichigo rushed down immediately because of that. That scenario like that which I doubt it could happen because Rukia was still struggle on her own and Renji and Chad couldn't be weak (or were they?) Meanwhile Ichigo's clothes DID change from 353 to 377, yet it didn't change much till 382. So I thought there'd be an amount of time was ommitted here.

It might be because of the pacing issue like you said though :)
oh gallant piglet,: chibi chadaizome on November 21st, 2009 02:04 am (UTC)
"and Renji and Chad couldn't be weak (or were they?)"

I love Renji and Chad so much, but unfortunately it's possible Yammi took them both out with one hit. :( They can never catch a break with fights, sadly. But I hope I'm wrong about that. :)

And you're right: Ichigo's clothes DID change, so you have a good point. I'm sure anxious to know what's been going on up there!
sleepwalkersleepwalkerrrr on November 21st, 2009 02:00 am (UTC)
Good thinking there.

Like Aizome I would be suspicious about whether or not that really was a long time. Actually nothing indicates that Rukia, Chad and Renji fought Yammy for a long time before Ichigo came, just that they were already beaten down. But considering Yammy, he could've just smacked each of them unconscious with one-hit-KO. Still, they looked rather bruised and Rukia seemed exhausted that I think they had to fight at least for some time.

Then to another issue, Orihime healing Ichigo. Many people seem to think that since the most critical wound was regenerated, Ichigo didn't have any wounds for Orihime to heal. But I would consider a few things; regeneration activated, when Ichigo's Hollow form shattered so maybe it was an emergency reaction to keep him alive. Whether or not it was, I bet it took a lot of energy to heal such a severe wound, and one way or another, there's no telling if that event regenerated Ichigo's every wound. In short, the regeneration might have just healed the most critical one, but there would've still been many damages in Ichigo's body that needed to be taken care of.

Anyway, I doubt that Inoue and Ishida would have any reasons to lie to Ichigo about his regeneration. Ichigo seemed to be perfectly conscious that he had turned into a Hollowmonster for a while, so it couldn't have been to protect him or anything. So I bet there was no assumption by Ichigo that Orihime healed his chest wound, because if he had asked Orihime something with this assumption, why would Orihime go on with his failed assumptions ?

That's why the "healing earlier" must have been either some pre-dome fight or post-Ash. But wasn't it like that his shihakushou was repaired every other time ? So it only leaves post-Ash I guess. Besides, saying "this time" must mean that the conversation happened at the time of healing, and they didn't have such conversations before.

It's a good point that Ichigo didn't mention stuff he caused. Ulquiorra's fate could be something Kubo doesn't want to reveal yes, but I guess it can also be just trivial since he died and there was no reason to confirm that. About Ishida's gut, guilt ? Did Ichigo hid this because he did it ? Or did Kubo just forgot ?

In conclusion, my guess is that Orihime healed Ishida and Ichigo at the same time, because Ishida's wounds were more severe and Ichigo was in hurry, and conversation happened there; Ichigo didn't get his reiatsu and shihakushou restored. Orihime staying behind to heal Ishida's hand might mean that she first healed his gut since it could've been more serious, hand comes after that. Or that the time taken to heal Ishida's hand is rather long, but that would mean that Ishida probably would die for inner bleeding unless some trick is played, like stopping the chopped-off arm's bleeding with some medicine but yeah. Or it could also be that Ishida's a knight who says "Kurosaki's in a hurry, him first!" but I doubt Ichigo would take that, at least he shouldn't if Ishida's wounds really were serious. It also could be that Kubo just didn't think about this so much and ignores the whole stuff. I hope that's not the case.

Sorry for the long answer I'm bored so I like to pretend like I have much to say lol
peca_06peca_06 on November 21st, 2009 08:21 pm (UTC)
my thoughts
Hi there ^_^,
I am like the ones that think that Ichigo assumed he's been healed by Orihime, since she was RIGHT THERE BESIDE HIM when he awoke from the IchihollowThing and asked "wasn't there a hole on my chest?". She was in close proximity to him and he was miraculously healed, I think it might be easy for anyone to jump into conclusions she must've done something in his case. Now, maybe she went to heal Ishida first (I am HOPING STRONGLY FOR THIS *prays* ) and judging by the flashback of Orihime's back that Ichigo had, she was not in the mood for turning around and chatting with Ichigo much, me thinks. She was really affected and torn. I think she did go to Ishida and while healing him, maybe they felt Yammi's strong reiatsu and Ichigo asked her if she could do anything to restore his strength/reiatsu, since he was exhausted as well, but she couldn't do much, just restore a bit here and there (like his hakama pants, a bit of cape and wraps and bandages he is sporting now lol) and then since it was just taking too long and Rukia and the guys downstairs were really getting owned ICHIGO just took off on the midst of Ishida's healing and not knowing what the hell is going on with him, his reiatsu and his clothing much. His conversation with Unohana is very vague and it is obvious he seems confused about it as well, even looking naiive and dorky while he points as his sleeve XDDDD. He didn't get straight answers, nor a real conversation on the aftermath of Ulqui's death up in the dome and it is all very dicey and non conclusive, but I think it makes more sense to Occam's razor all this into like: Ichigo assumed to have been healed by Orihime because of her position when he woke up and he remembered having a hole on his chest and now is gone, and then due to the heavy emotional ordeal happened in the dome, maybe Orihime was evasive with her answers and avoided certain points and due to the Yammi reiatsu and danger to their nakama, Orihime must've also try to restore Ichigo's reiatsu/strength to face the enemy, but she was already healing Ishida and she just covered him as well and Ichigo took off since it was taking forever and couldn't wait any longer. Or something like that ^_^.
sleepwalkersleepwalkerrrr on November 21st, 2009 11:07 pm (UTC)
Re: my thoughts
Hi nice to see you too here ^^

Yeah it's possible like that as well, surely Ichigo would first think that Orihime has healed him since she was so close to him and possesses potent healing abilities. It's just that if Orihime really healed Ichigo/tried to restore his reiatsu when we didn't see, I think that it wouldn't matter much whether or not Ichigo thought that Orihime healed his chest wound, since I think that suggesting that Ichigo assumed Orihime had done so was brought up in the first place to suggest that "the healing earlier", which Ichigo mentioned in his talk with Unohana, was Orihime's assumed healing that never happened.

So if there was an actual healing after Ash, Ichigo would've probably meant that when he said to have asked Orihime: "Why isn't my shihakushou getting restored this time?"

Only thing that would remain unknown to Ichigo was that one of his Hollow's abilities was regeneration which healed him, since he already knows about his episode of turning into monster Hollow as well.

And LOL I agree that hopefully she had enough sense to tend to Ishida first, she better not be that much of a failure :D
Shinigami_Lucia: Rukia&Konshinigami_lucia on November 21st, 2009 03:23 am (UTC)
From the way I interpreted the translations, I think Ichigo thought Orihime healed his wounds (hole on his chest). He didn't know anything about his regeneration ability. He noticed that his ban kai outfit didn't get fix like before. So, he asked Orihime why that is, and she told him that she can fix wounds quickly, but reiatsu takes a little bit longer. Since Ichigo senses Rukia & the others are in danger, he went down to help without letting Orihime fully heal his reiatsu back.

As for the flashback, I think the fact that it's from the Nnoitra battle and not from the dome, indicates to me that Orihime didn't heal Ichigo up there. Otherwise, we should have seen a dome flashback or something.
Kylara: crobat =_=karenai on November 21st, 2009 05:26 am (UTC)
//- When Ichigo talked to Rukia about Orihime, he said that Orihime was healing Ishida's hand on the dome.//

This is not true. Courtesy of me spying on a conversation on BA between two friends, it's just "medical attention", not healing his hand. <3
jenny_jadejenny_jade on November 21st, 2009 05:54 am (UTC)
You're right! (I wonder what kind of version of that chapter that I read >.<) I just check back Ju-ni version, Ichigo said that Orihime was taking care of Ishida's wounds. Well, by his meaning might mean both Ishida's hand and gut. But the fact she was still taking care of his wounds after a while told me something fishy. Not mention that Orihime also might tend to heal Ichigo's reiatsu.
andrew_jpandrew_jp on November 21st, 2009 05:27 am (UTC)
Ichigo might have had small unnoticeable wounds, internal damage, aches, pains, and general fatigue healed by Orihime at the dome. That's the way I interpreted it.
_debbiechan__debbiechan_ on November 21st, 2009 11:03 am (UTC)

Yuck. That seems like such a nothing to heal--especially in relation to Ishida who was lying there missing a limb and with a hole in his gut. I'm still trying to adjust to the fact that Orihime attempted to heal Ichigo's clothes and/or reiatsu.
andrew_jpandrew_jp on November 21st, 2009 03:06 pm (UTC)
"I'll be fine for a while, Inoue-san. Try to fix Kurosaki up as much you can before I pass out...he's needed more than me right now..."

Hmm...does that sound like something Ishida might say?
_debbiechan__debbiechan_ on November 21st, 2009 03:15 pm (UTC)

Yes, but the point is moot because Inoue can heal two people at one time in a giant bubble--she did that with the shinigami escorts Ulqui killed in the dangai. Ishida had to have been being healed first anyway before the topic of Ichigo's clothes and/or reiatsu came up ... or his surface wounds. If she gave any attention to his surface wounds while Ishida was lying there I'd be grossed out. It would look better for Ichigo to ask to be healed (seems OOC unless he needed his reiatsu to fight Yammy below) or for Ishida to insist.
sleepwalkersleepwalkerrrr on November 21st, 2009 11:18 pm (UTC)
Well Ichigo took a big beating so it might have been more than just mere surface wounds. But granted that Ishida's wounds were more serious, or otherwise Kubo would've make a point about Ichigo's serious injuries. I'm going for that Inoue tried mostly restore Ichigo's reiatsu.
tamzin: nelboobsconquistadora on November 21st, 2009 07:03 am (UTC)
I'm thinking Orihime's first thing to do was heal Ishida in every way--SINCE HE WAS THE ONE THAT WAS ACTUALLY INJURED--and whilest she was doing that Ichigo asked her about his reiatsu and she, yes, lied and said she'd healed him and that she would finish up after Ishida.

As for what's been happening as per time, I think we got to see what was happening in FKT while the Lust chapters were happening, and then we went pretty much right back to HM's timeframe from the point of Hiyori's demise. So all in all, I don't think much time passed on how long it took Yammy to pwn Chad, Rukia, and Renji. I mean, one punch and they were all down for the count. What is that? 5 minutes? Less?

I'm more interested in what Orihime's doing right now heal Ulqy you fool woman tbqh. It's just a little upsetting to think that she would have healed Ichigo at all before she would Ishida. Though Ishida is quite the knight personality-wise, so I would understand if he said "heal Ichigo first." *sigh* Ishida-kun...
yl_ylyl_yl on November 21st, 2009 10:55 am (UTC)
I hope Inoue did tend to Ishida first (even if he did say heal Ichigo's clothes?? heal what?? first). He has his arm chopped off somewhere, his gut pierced through after he just recovered it. While Ichigo stands there half-naked but basically fine.

Heal Ichigo first (while I bleed to death here).

Kind of wrong priorities eh? Poor Ishida if that was the case.
tamzin: onytdulqyconquistadora on November 21st, 2009 11:12 am (UTC)
I hope she tended to him first, too. If her first priority was Ichigo of her own volition then I'm going to give up on her and say, "Adios trash~"
Grenatescarboucle on November 21st, 2009 01:10 pm (UTC)
I still think the way I did a week ago, or so.

Inoue didn't heal him, but he thought she did; and she lied per omission when he asked her about his coat.

I'm not sure she tried to heal him or that he let her - because as he said right after, he hurried back to Rukia and the others, not letting her healing his reiatsu. Maybe she tried, maybe she couldn't, that's beyond the point me think.

About the pacing, I'm not sure that it took that long for Yammy to take the others down; clearly, not that much time happened since he released and them being pwned. Sadly, the difference in power is that huge.

Now, IF Ishida was still conscious when she lied per omission - which I suppose she did, because there's no other way to explain Ichigo's explanations - then I hope he'll ask her about that. That's actually how we may get the information about what happened up there, and the very reason why Kubo wounded Ishida so much - so that he could spend time alone with Inoue once she got down again.
 syx: totorodarksyx on November 21st, 2009 01:42 pm (UTC)
Inoue lied or maybe she was healing both at a time, but I'm more on the "she let Ichigo think she healed him before having to talk about all the Ichithing issue in detail".

I'm partly afraid of Kubo skipping the whole conversation between Ishida and Orihime and go on with the fights... He could put the exchange in little panels flashbacks like he's been doing this later chapters.
jenny_jadejenny_jade on November 21st, 2009 07:36 pm (UTC)
I don't really think that Orihime lied to him, mostly because Ishida was here also. He also see the event which might know that she was lying. Usually, we don't lie when there's another person who knew the truth next by her side.

I just thought she said that line while trying to heal Ishida like "I can heal wound quickly, but restore the reiatsu might took time."

The stage is I think Orihime should heal Ishida first and foremost because he was the one got the worst wound... and while she was doing that, she might try to heal Ichigo along but didn't get any result to recover, Ichigo asked her about his robes for why it didn't regenerate and she answered what I said above.

Somebody did say something about miscommunication between Ichigo and Orihime, which usually happen in their ship.
jenny_jadejenny_jade on November 21st, 2009 07:24 pm (UTC)

I have a version of M7 and it was rather straightforward than the rest. I'll still go with my analysis for Ju-ni version though. At least when I read the RAW, I could see them can go either way.

M7 translation:
When Inoue was healing me a few minutes ago, my robes didn't really get repaired at all.
Usually my robes come back without a problem, but this time they didn't. When I ask her why, she said healing wounds take a lot less time than actually repairing reiatsu.

I knew Rukia and the others were all trouble down below, so I ended up coming without recovering my reiatsu.

Well, what do you think? We even have the timeline :facepalm and M7 also verified what I had said above with a straightforward manner.

annie_08annie_08 on November 22nd, 2009 07:00 am (UTC)
How about go with RAWS? I don't see the poing of bringing up every translation when M7 once made Orihime screams "help us, Kurosaki kun!!!"

There is no definate timeline in RAWS. My friend told me last week and I can't remember it right now..but Cnet's and JuNi's trans are most accurate and closest to RAWS.
secila80: Orihime backing upsecila80 on November 21st, 2009 07:42 pm (UTC)
I kind of imagine Ichigo’s Q/A with Orihime going something like this:
“Inoue, why didn’t my shihakushou heal, too? You know, like you did everything other time you healed me?”
“Uh, what?”
“Is it because you can’t heal reiatsu as easily as injuries?”
“Uhhh maybe?”
“My shihakushou is part of my bankai, so it must be reflective of my reiatsu level, right?”
“Uhhhhh . . . “
“Holy!!! Rukia!!! Rukia’s in trouble! I have to go.”

The thing is Ichigo saying, “so I got to thinking about it.” That seems to suggest he came up with this theory. Kubo told us that Orihime was visibly in pain over Ulquiorra’s passing (http://www.onemanga.com/Bleach/379/16/), so I don’t see her being particularly chatty up on the dome. However, Ichigo apparently had time to feel self conscious about his lack of wardrobe and time to think, so that suggests that other things were going on – things like Orihime healing Ishida. I don’t think Ichigo would have left the dome with Orihime in the process of healing Ulquiorra. He probably would have grabbed both her and Ishida and dragged them away from there to prevent that from happening. So either she had already tried and failed or she hadn't tried (although not even trying to heal him seems really ooc for her). Ichigo also specifically said that Orihime was up on the dome healing Ishida, so that makes sense.

I’m guessing Ichigo’s conclusions about his shihakushou reflecting his reiatsu level are basically correct – otherwise having this conversation with Uohana seems really bizarre (from a why would Kubo draw attention to this perspective).

I’m not necessarily sold on Ichigo’s conclusions about Orihime’s powers being correct (assuming these are Ichigo’s conclusions). Although, if he is right about Orihime having a hard time restoring reiatsu, it kind of re-raises questions about exactly what Orihime can do with her shield. Other than Aizen’s comment expanding Orihime’s powers to include the rejection of events, everyone else that has tried to explain her powers has either limited it to the rejection of injuries or not addressed the object of rejection. I’m wondering if Kubo could have thrown this comment in about Orihime’s powers as a lead in to her and Ishida hunting down the hougyoku, her trying to reject it, and her not being able to do anything other than restore it because her powers are not actually for the rejection of all events, only injury-events . . .

Okay, now I’m rambling so I’ll stop there.
_debbiechan__debbiechan_ on November 21st, 2009 08:11 pm (UTC)

Orihime does seem to have an issue with reiatsu under her healing shield, though. Remember when she was healing Ichigo and came across some trouble because of the strength of Ulquiorra's reiatsu. It seemed an odd thing to note, and I wondered at the time why Kubo brought it up.

Still wondering.
secila80: Orihime determinedsecila80 on November 21st, 2009 08:40 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I know. This is the second time Kubo has brought the "reiatsu exception" up. It seems like he has to be going somewhere with it or is it just that powerful reiatsu for Orihime is like lead for Superman's x-ray vision -- the one thing that limits the ability. I don't know, it seems like that would be limiting her ability just for the sake of limiting her ability.

Wondering is all we can do right now.
sleepwalkersleepwalkerrrr on November 21st, 2009 11:15 pm (UTC)
I think it's just rather simple. A "contaminated" wound is harder to close up because reiatsu doesn't let it, so you just have to get rid of heavy reiatsu first if you want to close a wound and that might be very intensified and take time to "clean". Also it could be that the reiatsu is not allowing body to regenerate. This is if, like it seems to be with other healing method's, Inoue's healing/rejecting works by increasing body's own ability to regenerate.

Either way, it's a same thing with wounds that are infected by bacteria or some fungus (don't know if this is the right word in english but there's mushroom like things that may grow in a wound seizing the healing process.. or something :D)
_debbiechan__debbiechan_ on November 21st, 2009 11:41 pm (UTC)

This is if, like it seems to be with other healing method's, Inoue's healing/rejecting works by increasing body's own ability to regenerate.

Well, Inoue doesn't literally heal--she rejects reality, so therefore in order to reject a wound, she would just make the body go back to the way it was before--no regenerating necessary. It seems, though, that she would also have to reject the foreign reiatsu hanging around the wound, and Ulquiorra's was difficult to reject.
sleepwalkersleepwalkerrrr on November 22nd, 2009 11:05 pm (UTC)
//It seems, though, that she would also have to reject the foreign reiatsu hanging around the wound, and Ulquiorra's was difficult to reject.//

True.. so either way it's blocking the wound. No doubt Ulquiorra's reiatsu was difficult to reject, I bet it's intensity is far worse than your normal cero :D

But one another thing came to my mind. Didn't Hacchi say to Rukia that in order for this type of healing to work properly he should know what kind of attack harmed him ? There was the reiatsu brought up as well. Maybe Orihime needs more skill with understanding attacks imbued with heavy reiatsu in order to heal them more efficiently ?