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What happened on the dome? Chapter 382 Confusion & Theory

What happened on the dome? Chapter 382 Confusion & Theory

_debbiechan_told me that I should post this post on bleachnessso that I could hear more interesting opinions from interesting people here. So I did.

Bringing up discussion, I have something to ask after reading Bleach latest chapter (chapter 382) in Ju-ni version. It regards about the matter going on the dome and I need brainstorming for that.

Note: I just want to talk about something going on the dome in general and Orihime's action on the dome in specific, not really about Ichigo and his magical clothes, or not really about IchiHime or anything so... Please discuss with respect. I welcome critics though.

There are two pages in question in regard whether Orihime DID heal Ichigo on the dome or not.

"The proof of this is that, when I had Inoue heal me earlier, my shihakushou only recovered a little bit." - Ichigo -

"Inoue's healing always fixes my shihakushou too, so I got to thinking about it and asked her why it didn't this time." - Ichigo -

"And it seems that Inoue can heal wounds quickly, but it takes her a while to restore reiatsu." - Ichigo -

"But at the time Rukia and the others were getting taken out down below... so I was in a hurry and, in the end, I left without letting her heal my reiatsu." - Ichigo -

I also read cnet's translation of this chapter at mangahelpers.


When Inoue healed me earlier, that pretty much proved it. My clothes barely regenerated at all, right?

I thought it was weird, since usually when she heals me, my clothes get fixed up too, so I asked her about it...

...and apparently Inoue's pretty quick at fixing up wounds, but regenerating reiatsu takes her quite a bit longer.

We were in a hurry back then, because Rukia and the others were getting beaten up down below... / in the end, I headed down there before she got a chance to regenerate my reiatsu.

Reading those two translations, we had those two VERIFYING that Ichigo and Orihime DID HAVE A TALK on the dome after The Ash aftermath and before Ichigo rushed down to save Rukia. And it also does seem that Orihime WAS healing Ichigo during that time.

But why? Does it seem odd or fishy here? Ichigo HAD NO WOUND FOR ORIHIME TO HEAL


(I remember that I had a talk with Annie before that Orihime could heal Ichigo's small injuries due to I've read the LQ of the scan, but she did confirm to me when she brought Bleach volume 41 that Ichigo's wound had already been healed by his own regeneration. There's no wound on him left for Orihime to heal.)

Comparing to the timeline between chapter 353 and chapter 377, we DID see that in chapter 353, Ichigo had LESS clothes back then than the time he appeared back in chapter 377 rushing down to save Rukia and other nakama who were already down to the floor.

And the curious thing is in chapter 354, Yammy released shortly after Ulquiorra's reiatsu disappeared.

It's obvious that would took a quite amount of time for the nakama got beaten up down to the floor between chapter 354 and 377. And it's obvious that Ichigo didn't really rush down there right when Yammy released.


Reading the two translations again, I have the feeling that this matter on the dome regarding to Orihime healing Ichigo and her power was spoken from Ichigo's POV where he perceived and assumed the things he thought and saw from what he could remember. It's not really like what Kubo wanted to tell us just like he did with Ishida whom we viewed as our moral compass or Kubo's POV.

I will start to analyze line by line to have my thought get through.

"The proof of this is that, when I had Inoue heal me earlier, my shihakushou only recovered a little bit." - Ichigo -

This line might refer to chapter 353, where he rose up from his hole being healed by his own regeneration and right after that he saw Orihime next to him. He MIGHT ASSUME that his hole wound was healed by her earlier, while his "shihakushou only recovered a little bit."

But thinking another way, it also might refer the time Orihime MIGHT ATTEMPT to heal Ichigo's reiatsu (his clothes) after The Ash. But his "shihakushou only recovered a little bit" because it took so long to recover and Rukia was in danger so he got impatient and just left her and Ishida on the dome.

"Inoue's healing always fixes my shihakushou too, so I got to thinking about it and asked her why it didn't this time." - Ichigo -

The interesting thing are those panels drawn for this line. It was from Nnoitra's battle in chapter 304 and chapter 309 to prove that "Inoue's healing always fixes my shihakushou" but Kubo didn't even draw any panel proving for the time "he asked her" or "why it didn't this time".

Reading back that Nnoitra's battle, I realized it was only the time where Ichigo was fully conscious to witness Inoue's Shun Shun Rikka power and he even wondered about her ability. Because in every fight with Ulquiorra, Ichigo was always wounded to be unconscious to see how her power worked (also how it failed hard)

He had thought about her ability before in Nnoitra battle. It wasn't strange if he thought it again, especially when he had no memory of what happened during his unconsciousness on the dome. So he might see it was "weird" and "ask her why it didn't this time", if I read that line right.

Reading this line the feeling I had that Ichigo believed his wounds were healed by Orihime when they weren't became stronger.

"And it seems that Inoue can heal wounds quickly, but it takes her a while to restore reiatsu." - Ichigo -

Note this line is placed in the same previous panels of Nnoitra battle. And like I said this line seemed to be spoken from Ichigo's POV about Orihime's power. IT MIGHT NOT BE THE RIGHT TRUTH. Because we all know that Orihime's power WASN'T HEALING AT ALL. It's REJECTION of EVENT. In case that you believed what Aizen said was a lie then at least you should believe what Ulquiorra analyzed her power "That is not healing. That looks more like time reversal or spatial renewal."

We did see Orihime's power on some occasions before where she could heal anything as fast as she could, be it the wound or the reiatsu because it didn't matter to her power.

The only time where she COULD NOT FULLY REJECT was the hole wound made by Ulquiorra at the first time because "there's an incredible reiatsu swirling around and shrouding Kurosaki-kun's wound" as if it was preventing her to reject it.

There's nothing in Ichigo's words that Orihime told him that she healed him wound (aka his hole) back then on the dome. So I'm not really sure whether Ichigo DID ask Orihime whether she healed him and she answered him by lying "Yes, I did" or not. Assuming that perhaps he DID ask her whether she healed his wound and Orihime might not answer or not completely honest about it, he still assumed it was her anyway without a moment of thought about his own regeneration because he had no knowledge or memory about it.

What I'm sure is Ichigo DID ask her WHY his clothes didn't regenerate like the time she healed him before in Nnoitra's battle. And I'm not sure what Orihime answer back to his question though. But according to this line regarding to the fact that "Orihime couldn't restore reiatsu quickly", either we can assume that Ichigo analyzed her power from his previous perception about it or maybe from Ishida telling Ichigo from his perception or maybe Orihime herself telling Ichigo.

I assume that Ichigo asked Orihime about her power and Orihime might answer that she couldn't restore his reiatsu quickly. Because you know, only Orihime knew that she couldn't reject any wounds on Kurosaki-kun made by Ulquiorra because of the monstrous reiatsu that kept rejecting her power.

"But at the time Rukia and the others were getting taken out down below... so I was in a hurry and, in the end, I left without letting her heal my reiatsu." - Ichigo -

In the end, Orihime WASN'T able to heal anything of Ichigo at all because he did leave without letting her healing his reiatsu. And of course, his wound had already healed by his own regeneration which I believed he had no memory of that and I also believed that both Ishida and Orihime didn't tell him about that either.

So what is the conclusion that I got after reading this chapter?

Here are some questions I have before reading chapter 382:

- After The Ash, what Orihime healed first? Ishida's hand? Ishida's gut? Ichigo's clothes? Ulquiorra's ash?

- Ichigo left before Orihime had chance to heal his reiatsu, but it took a quite amount of time from chapter 353 and 377 before Ichigo left. During that time, was she healing his reiatsu (his clothes) but getting no result to recover? Or was she doing other things besides healing Ichigo's reiatsu? Like healing Ishida's hand and gut or reviving Ulquiorra's ash?

- When Ichigo talked to Rukia about Orihime, he said that Orihime was healing Ishida's hand on the dome. Does that mean Orihime was healing Ishida's hand right when Ichigo left? So what did she do before that? Did she heal his gut first after chapter 353? Or did she attempt to heal Ichigo's clothes? Or something else?

So here is my conclusion:

- Ichigo THOUGHT that it was Orihime who healed the hole in his chest without knowing that it was his own regeneration. And both Ishida and Orihime didn't have any word to inform that to him. They were confused about that matter for why the hole suddenly closed and why Ichigo was miraculously alive. The only one who commented about that was Ulquiorra and I doubt whether both Ishida and Orihime would hear his comment at that time.

- Ichigo asked Orihime about why his clothes didn't regenerate like the previous times she healed him. Orihime MIGHT attempt to heal his clothes, but get no result to recover. For one reason, that she might answer him that she couldn't restore the reiatsu fully before like the first time she reject the hole made by Ulquiorra.

- The missing pieces from the time we returned to HM that Kubo didn't reveal are whether Orihime healed Ishida's gut and whether she revived Ulquiorra or not. Noting that both of them were occurring to IchiThing's actions and those made Ichigo's mistakes. Kubo omitted those information on purpose and made the readers wonder. While Kubo informed us about the things that Ulquiorra did to Ichigo and Ishida like Ichigo's wound and reiatsu and Ishida's hand which had been "healed" by Orihime. He didn't have any words about Ishida's gut and Ulquiorra's "death". So was Ichigo's reference. He only told Rukia about Ishida's hand, but omitted his gut. So was Ulquiorra's matter about Ichigo being the winner on the dome.

- Although I did assume that if Orihime healed Ishida's hand so of course she would heal Ishida's gut along with that. But after reading this chapter talking about the method of healing and reiatsu restoring, I have a second thought about that. Ichigo's wound and Ishida's hand were caused by Ulquiorra's reiatsu while Ishida's gut and Ulquiorra's "death" were caused by IchiThing's reiatsu. Those are two different things. And the fact that Orihime couldn't be able to heal Ichigo's wounds nor his reiatsu caused by Ulquiorra fully because it took so freaking long time. And up until now, Orihime was still healing Ishida's hand Either she used the amount of time to heal Ishida's gut that made by IchiThing's reiatsu and then later attempt to heal his hand and Ichigo's clothes.

- I'm still thinking that she did attempt to bring Ulquiorra back, but failed for an amount of trying. And then she realized that Ishida's gut was bleeding, so was his hand so she attempted to heal them. If not, she would heal both Ichigo and Ishida in the same Shun Shun Rikka circle. And while Ishida had progress (in his gut and his hand), Ichigo did not and he got impatient because Rukia was in danger so he left first.

This wall of text made by my incoherent thought because I couldn't sort them out. I was thinking about what happened on the dome and thinking about Orihime's action in regard of Ulquiorra. I saw that she did have her PAINED feeling toward his death. But Kubo purposely omitted her action toward his death and conveniently informed us about what she was doing after that through Ichigo's POV by healing Ichigo's reiatsu and Ishida's hand. And God knows why it took so long just for those trivia healing meanwhile Ichigo's reiatsu got no result to recover and Ishida's hand was still on progress of healing The most important healing was Ishida's gut and Ulquiorra's revival haven't yet been informed by Ichigo, that is highly suspicious.
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