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Eternal Circle Rp - Calling all RPERs!

Roll up roll up for The Eternal Circle RP!
We just kicked off and are looking for players, so if you're interesting come on down and take a look! We won't bite!
So far we only have about 10 members and are very much in need of more!
Good guys, bad guys, Shinigami, Vizards, Arrancar, humans and Quinceys are all welcome!
Original characters are also welcome, just make sure you read the rules before submitting an application!

Chaos. Fear. Panic.

Those are the general sentiments in the Soul Society at present. Seireitei's spirit shield is pierced, the Head Captain has been kidnapped by a massive force of Gillians and Adjuchas and only more keep coming. Three captains have left as traitors. Two are gravely wounded. Two more have been incapacitated by a mysterious illness that has wreaked havoc upon the fourth division, leaving only a scant few still capable of performing their duties.

A shortage of captains in the crisis means lieutenants are thrust into leadership positions they have not been prepared for, and with the mysterious plague on the fourth division, the number of able-bodied shinigami are dwindling. The remaining healers are overworked. The human world has not been spared the massive hollow onslaught taking place in the Soul Society, and there seems no salvation forthcoming on the horizon. The Head Captain's status cannot even be ascertained; it is unsure whether he is even still alive...

And what of Hueco Mundo? It's likely the solutions to Soul Society's current troubles lie there…but there are no spare shinigami for an expeditionary force.

What will be the fate of the Soul Society? Will the forces of Hueco Mundo bring it to its knees or will it succeed in defending the world of the afterlife? And what of the Head Captain? The only way to find out is to get in on the action.

The Eternal Circle is a semi-canon Bleach roleplaying community. We're brand new, so we're looking for members! Just about all the canon spots are open, aside from Ukitake, Byakuya, Shuuhei, Kira, Soifon, and Renji, and OCs are welcomed for any race other than Quincy or Vizard. Come check us out at http://z6.invisionfree.com/The_Eternal_Circle

I apologise if I did this wrong. *bows apologetically*
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