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Winners! We have Contest Winners!


As always, I have to say that the real winners are the fans who get to enjoy the stories and art and cool creations submitted here, so thanks again A MILLION to everyone who participated. You have no idea how much I love this seasonal event.

Winners can say thanks in this thread and peoples can give their congrats but winners please send me your addresses in PM (if you think I don’t already have it!) so I can get your prizes out. Maybe I’ll get a chance to beat the holiday rush at the post this year, but don’t count on it! I actually have all the prizes “in stock” this year with the exception of the pheleon plushie that will be made soon.

Click on the names of the winners to view or read their lovely works again!

Please pardon my Ishida and Orihime plushies showing off prizes in some of the pics below—they somehow got in front of the camera and started posing.

Winners in the IshiHime fanfic Category:

First place and winner of the super cool new Bleach manga calendar with new Espada art by Kubo and really cute Ishida stickers to mark your special occasions:

“The Scientific Method” by vesperh

Second place and winner of a hentai IshiHime doujin and a cute Ishida sleepshirt (for your gf, Adam---I’ll throw in some Nii-sama trinkets with the candy too):

“A Necessary Diplomacy” by adam_epp

Third place tie!

Winner of Ishida and Orihime phonecharms:

“Illusions in Which She Drowned Herself” by iluxe_love

Winner of an Orihime Eat More Leeks notebook and sticker:

“A Quincy Carol” by lori_fan

Winners in the Draw Ishida fanart Category:

First place and winner of the super awesome loaded with specials Fade to Black Limited Edition DVD and a nifty IshiHime sleepshirt with art by sketchbaka:

Birthday Toast by mezzo_marinaio

Second place and winner of a custom handcrafted SEAWEED AMBASSADOR PLUSHIE (still in progress) by pheleon:

The Rain Dragon by mooguriklaine

Third place and winner of a beautiful 70 page general Bleach doujin by Darwin and a Peace, Love and Bleach magnet:

Ishida, the Cake, and the Others by good_chaser

TWO OF MY VERY FAVORITES and since the quality of these submissions was so high I decided to give them prizes too! <3

Winner of the new edition of the Bleach novel Letters From the Other Side featuring new artwork by Kubo and the cutest IchiRuki story:

Love is War by fanartist (this entry gets a special thumbs up from me for effort and for being the first IshiHime MAD? I've ever seen)

Winner of a new pretty IshiHime doujin by uniuniusagi and an I<3Ishida magnet:

Hand in Hand by sketchbaka

Love to all, happy birthday to me, and may you all have happy holidays filled with Zomari snowmen like in the new Bleach manga calendar (see, I'm still advertising your products, Kubo-sensei!)

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