Super Nintendo Chalmers (strawberries_85) wrote in bleachness,
Super Nintendo Chalmers

Rukia - national costume exchange

Uh...I hope I'm doing this right. :p

This is my little contribution to Koto's international costume exchange. I did want to colour Rukia differently, but that would take me too long,\ so I went with something more simple.

I think Koto's idea is one of the best I've seen in fandom. It's nice that we can all get together and share these lovely fanarts of Rukia. :)

This is my first fanart ever, so I apologise for the crappiness. I am happy that it was a fanart of Rukia though.

Oh and yeah, my national costume is that of Croatia. There are varying folk costumes in Croatia but I kinda mixed styles and went with something simplified cos my skills aren't good enough for something more detailed.

The pic.
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