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[fanart] Rukia & Ichigo in Malay's traditional clothes

in response to Koto's International Cultural Exchange for Rukia, I did one for Malay's traditional clothes;
Rukia in 'baju kurung', and Ichigo in 'baju Melayu' and traditional sandals called 'capal', in front of a very traditional and old house.
(but Rukia's wearing normal, modern high heels, just 'coz she needs a little boost in height =p)
If you're asking for what country this is, I'd say Malaysia (マレシア), but Malaysia is a multi-cultural, multi-races country, so this is just one of many traditional clothes that we have...
and not unexpectedly, these traditional clothes are also worn for weddings, so that's why i threw in some Ichigo here XDD

[ETA:] just for the LOL, as most of our school uniforms also use this 'baju kurung'..

links: [devianart]

p/s: I'm still learning how to prettily draw and colour in Corel, so any tips or critics are very much welcomed ^^;

[ETA2:] awesome. Koto replied to my post XDD

"Dear yah-senbest

Hello. I am Koto.
I'm sorry for my delay in replying. Because I caught cold.
Thank you very very much for posting your fanart !! I'm so happy.
It's aggressively cute !!!!
I exhibited it in my gallery. If you don't want to exhibit, please let me know. Because I am not good at writing in English, I'm sorry in a short mail.

Thank you again for your kindness.


oh yeah. she understood what i wrote in japanese. hehe
and she was so considerate to reply to me in english, coz i mentioned that my japanese sucks ;p
(plus, compared to the few short sentences i wrote to her, her reply is much more decent than mine, to say the least ^^;;)
thank you, koto-san!! ^_^
Tags: fanart, ichigo, ichiruki, rukia
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