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Chapter 382 - spoilers

From here:

title: the united front 「discordeque mix」

KENPACHI AND BYAKUYA UNITE. Oh, man, these two boys should be part of a senta team.

Unohana and Ichigo are still talking, eh? Wonder about what. "Let me bring my hands to the level of your eyes--"

Sounds like Kubo wants to concentrate on the Yammy fight before seeing what Ichigo (or others still in Hueco Mundo, atop a dome) are getting up to. I hope he enjoys the week off!

(In the meantime, I'm looking most forward to Byakuya snarking at Kenpachi.)

Also, I was chatting with Annie at the time that spoilers came out, and she told me that this chapter title has been used before.

Chapter 174 - End of Hypnosis 6: The United Front

Chapter 275 - The United Front 2 [Red&White]

My opinion: ... these fights didn't go so well for the united front. *hums*

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