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"Draw Ishida" Fanart Poll IMPORTANT POSTSCRIPT

Oops, I'm so sorry for spamming my own community yet again but it seems I've left off an entry on one of the polls. Unfortunately, LJ doesn't allow you to edit polls after the voting has started. So if you want to vote for "Feel the Love" by darthsqueechan in the fanart category, here's your chance to do so.

Don't forget to check out the other polls strewn throughout this community today. Only members of bleachness may vote in the poll. You may vote for as few as one or as many as all entries in the two fanart polls but I suggest that you limit your votes to three because there will be three winners in the “Draw Ishida” fanart category. The poll will close on Tuesday, November 17, 12 midnight CST.

Poll #1483644 Draw Ishida Category Poll, IMPORTANT POSTSCRIPT
This poll is closed.

If you want to vote for "Feel the Love" by darthsqueechan in the "Draw Ishida" category, please check that option below

"Feel the Love" by darthsqueechan
Also check this box if you think debbie should be spanked by Ishida for forgetting one entry in the polls
check here if you forgive debbie for spamming bleachness today
I need Bleach spoilers nao
Tags: birthday bash contests, deb needs more coffee and porn
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