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"Draw Ishida" Fanart Poll PART ONE

Whew! Trouble getting the polls up. First Real Life then Live Journal freaked out on me. Now that the site is back, here are the three polls for the fanart category of the birthday bash. Because of LJ poll limitations, the fanart poll had to be divided into three parts. All of the fanart entries in the “Draw Ishida” category are linked in this post, but the following poll contains only ONE THIRD of the entries you may vote for. Please find the other posts which contains PART TWO  and PART THREE of this poll and vote for entries on those polls as well.

Only members of bleachness may vote in the poll. You may vote for as few as one or as many as all entries in the two fanart polls but I suggest that you limit your votes to three because there will be three winners in the “Draw Ishida” fanart category. The poll will close on Tuesday, November 17, 12 midnight CST.

Again, my deepest thanks to all who entered. I felt the love for Ishida Uryuu!

Please let me know if any links are broken or do not link to the correct art.

Gift art:

IshiHime Confetti by nijibug

"Draw Ishida" fanart links:

Draw Arrows and Love is Simple by nijibug

IshiHime Sketch by peca_06

IshiHime Kiss by renki_chan

Megane Nashi by renki_chan

Ishida Adult by renki_chan

Pride of the Quincy by kwansan

Ishida, the Cake, and the Others by good_chaser

IshiHime for Uryu’s Birthday by shirafune6

Hand in Hand by sketchbaka

Just Like I Taught You by hidden_gems

Love is War by fanartist

Quincy Onmyoji by khallandra

Happy Birthday Uryuu Ishida by espadadina

Let’s Go Home by nacchan_tova

Dragon Quest by shynishyshallow

Birthday Toast by mezzo_marinaio

Pride of the Quincy II by bananakaya

simply by bluffee

The Quincy’s Strawberry by mochavalentino

Uryuu by picturesmcgee

Bunny Clips by picturesmcgee

Switcheroo by picturesmcgee

The Rain Dragon by mooguriklaine

IshiHime School Days by kthigh

Festival by darthsqueechan

Feel the Love by darthsqueechan

Puddle by darthsqueechan

Life by luminous85

Poll #1483518 Birthday Bash Draw Ishida Fanart Poll PART ONE
This poll is closed.

Vote for your favorites. You may pick as many as you like, but I suggest limiting yourself to three because there will be three winners

"Draw Arrows and Love is Simple" by nijibug
"IshiHime Sketch" by peca_06
"IshiHime Kiss" by renki_chan
"Megane Nashi" by renki_chan
"Ishida Adult" by renki_chan
"Pride of the Quincy" by kwansan
"Ishida, the Cake, and the Others" by good_chaser
"IshiHime for Uryuu's Birthday" by shirafune6
"Hand in Hand" by sketchbaka
"Just Like I Taught You" by hidden_gems
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