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Guildy's Fake Spoilers and Kubo-sensei's Vacation

Was it just me who missed Live Journal for that whole hour it was down? I was just trying to get polls up is all.

That and waiting for Bleach spoilers. There appear to be none today even though One Piece and Naruto spoilers are already out. I'm pretty sure that there's a Bleach chapter in this issue of Shounen Jump. It's the following week that Kubo-sensei is taking a vacation (just a heads-up for you addicts).

Anyway, for those of you who need a spoiler fix, Guildenstern has provided some:

Guildy's Fake Spoilers:

No longer banned, but g-kicked instead says (11:49 AM):
Kenpachi proceeds to kick Yammy's ass by putting both hands and ONE FOOT on his sword to increase its power. Afterwards, he goes on to give Byakuya his weekly spanking session as Renji is out of commission. Mayuri takes pics.

Meanwhile, on the dome, Ishida and Orihime stare at each other awkwardly for approx. 1 hour.
Rukia, armed with COURAGE and SWORD, cools her heels with Isane while getting healed a safe distance from her brother's spanking.

debbiechan says (11:50 AM):
permission to post to Manga Helpers? ROTFLMAO
they might actually take them...

No longer banned, but g-kicked instead says (11:50 AM):
While this is going on, in FKT, Unohana is forced to explain how sex works to Ichigo after Ichigo confesses his lack of knowledge on the subject after Unohana says Aizen's power level is high enough to carnally take advantage of every captain in SS. Ichigo's inner he-beast vaccinates him for cooties.

In other news, people are predicting that Unohana is going to gouge out Ichigo's eyes in the next chapter so that he can't see Aizen's shikai. Now, I know she looked scary in the last chapter's close-ups and I've always suspected SS of shady doings but do you really think that the four devils are the Shinigami of the last chapter and that SS is setting Ichigo up? There's an interesting thread on the subject at BA. It's really my favorite subject in Bleach, believe it or not--the whole ethics of SS business, not who gets to rape Uryuu next in my upoming fic.

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