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Birthday Bash IshiHime Fanfic Contest Poll

Sorry for taking my time getting the polls up! It's been a hectic week. I want to again thank everyone who participated in the birthday bash contests. Watching the arts come up on Ishida's birthday is such fun, and being inundated with IshiHime fic (the pairing's not terribly popular among fandom writers) in a single day is a super treat for me. I'm always touched that this community inspires all the art and posy and babblings it does.

Below are links to the fanfic entries and the poll so you can select the winners. Only members of bleachness may vote. You may check as few or as many of the fics as you like in your vote but I suggest limiting yourself to three votes because there may be three winners in this category. The poll will close one week from now, Tuesday, November 17, at midnight CTS.

I enjoyed all the fics. Again, thank you so very much for all of them.

Fic links:

“Of Hearts and Smiles” by syneiam

“To Be or Not to Be” by ashariham

“A Quincy Carol” by lori_fan

“A Necessary Diplomacy” by adam_epp

“Illusions in Which She Drowned Herself” by iluxe_love

“Sky Gazer” by darthsqueechan

“Reaching You” by naviji

“The Scientific Method” by vesperh

Poll #1483430 Birthday Bash IshiHime Fanfic Contest Poll
This poll is closed.

Vote for your favorites. You may pick as many as you like, but I suggest limiting yourself to three because there may be three winners

"Of Hearts and Smiles" by syneiam
"To Be or Not to Be" by ashariham
"A Quincy Carol" by lori_fan
"A Necessary Diplomacy" by adam_epp
"Illusions in Which She Drowned Herself" by iluxe_love
"Sky Gazer" by darthsqueechan
"Reaching You" by naviji
"The Scientific Method" by vesperh

Also, not in the running for prizes were these gift fics:

Gift fic by adam_epp : “Ishida: Communication”

Gift fic by secila80 : “Version 5: An IshiHime Mystery, Part 2”
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