Riham (ayshariham) wrote in bleachness,

A Tribute to Bleach's Princess =)

This is an Inoue AMV I made, thought I'd share it with you all =)

Here goes :

I didn't like Inoue much in the beginning, (although I'm still insanely jealous of her powers), the helpless attitude always ticks me off.
But while I was going through some of the HuecoMundo episodes, I realised how lonely she must have been. Not only has she exiled herself to an unfamiliar hostile world, she doesn't have anyone she knows there. ='[
No Tatsuki, when she needed to hold onto a  friend.
No Ichigo, to protect her from those messed up Hollows.
No Ishida, Chad, Rukia, to laugh and have fun with.
Just her, and that dark room with the tiny window, and an occasional talk with Ulqui.

It's like forcing her to grow up. She's only 16, and she's facing situations many people would go through their life without knowing. Having to control a power she doesn't know the potential of, taking decisions which could alter her life forever, braving the torment she has to go through alone - Damn, that's a lot. Underneath all that helplessness is a strong herione struggling to get out, she just has to get a sure footing. Somehow, her character is a lot more realistic than the others...Failure is just a part of Success.

Oh well, that's what inspired me to make this video. Inoue, we're all rooting for you! The day you protect instead of being the one protected will come soon =D The inner princess will awaken! <3 (Just heal Ishida before that happens, k? =P)

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