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Rukia Fanart Cultural Exchange!

I’m here to bring you the most charming request from a Japanese fanartist on her site.

It’s already inspired some arts and a wonderful feeling of cultural exchange. Koto is asking fans of Rukia around the world to draw Rukia in the traditional costume of your country!

A Request from Koto: http://koto.skr.jp/blog/log/eid195.html

Dear overseas fanartist

The Kimono is a Japanese traditional costume.
I want to see the overseas traditional costume, too.
Please draw Rukia wearing the traditional costume of your country.

Here is the link to her blog where she posted all the fanarts of Rukia in national costumes. http://koto.skr.jp/blog/sb.cgi?cid=11

Some of my friends in the IchiRuki FC at BA have already had their arts posted at the site. Check out kisu’s amazing work (she drew a Thai dress to represent Annie’s country that is breathtaking!) here: http://bleachasylum.com/showpost.php?p=1847446&postcount=673

I have such rich and varied (MONGREL) cultural heritage that I haven’t decided what costume to draw Rukia in yet. I was born in Ecuador so I think I’ll probably go with a native Ecuadorian dress even though it isn’t very flattering to the female figure---but Rukia can make anything look cute!

eta: if you don't know Japanese or how to post images on websites, leave your art and brief message for Koto in a comment here with me and I'll find someone to translate and post for you. I hope we get a lot of looks for Rukia! I know she's got fans all over the world and it's so fun to think of dressing her up this way!

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