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Orihime Fangirls Ichigo (WSJ preview)

You have to love the WSJ pastiches.  There was one last year that had aliens attacking earth and Orihime wondering if they were friendly. There was one with Ichigo and Rukia a few weeks ago that nobody understood very well at all. This time the editors put together a really cute one. Each hero is there and there's a smaller character next to him ( a girl of course) and under each girl it says "fan representative." Ichigo's fangirl is Orihime and she's saying "Because Kurosaki-kun is strong and kind..." (translation thanks to sketchbaka )


The fact that these positive traits of Ichigo's are being recalled here just as he rushes forth to battle with all the ominous stuffs from recent chapters hanging on to him and trailing his half-naked body like ghostly ectoplasm as he shunpoes to Aizen .... *shiver* I feel so sorry for Ichigo. Do you think we'll see the strong and kind Ichigo any time soon in the manga? I'm a little heartened because Kubo gave us goofy!earnest!Ichigo for a couple chapters but I'm afraid we're heading right into Aizenpwnsyou!Ichigo and lots of fail!Ichigo again....

A deep deep heartfelt thank you to all of you who participated in the Ishida birthday bash yesterday and submitted entries or left gifts here on bleachness . I finished reading the stories last night and I think I've left comments on all the pictures and faved the ones on DA that were there--if I missed yours, please let me know! I'm going to go through them thoroughly again, though, when I make the voting poll. You have no idea how much I appreciated the community fun this year. <3

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