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The Quincy Game, Non Tan sings, Ship DisIlusionment

Shini finds the coolest links. I've been playing this for a half hour now, I think:

The Quincy Game

Speaking of Quincy (and when am I not? :D), I have now begun hoping that Zael-Apollo, who seemed so freaked-out happy about finding a Quincy, may reveal some Quincy backstory. *crosses fingers*

EDIT: forgot the link. hidden_gems     sent me new NON TAN singing. The songs are nice, a little melodic and poppy, but it's him, Ishida with the sexy voice. No sexy duets with Ichigo, alas.

I've been nauseous and out of sorts this week so I haven't gotten my fan fic writing done. The weekend slipped away, and it's very hard to write sexy scenes when anything and everything makes you want to hurl. Bear with me, and I will deliver your promised Bleach drabbles.

I need to write them too. Stretch my hands. I've been unhappy with my last three stories (well, they did go a little out there--but if you don't experiment, you don't learn, right?)

ugh, LJ, can't you cooperate with me at least once today. (Apologies to those who saw multiple messed-up versions of this post).

Why oh why do I even try?
The Compassionate Society of Jewish Mothers has gone out for streudel and mah jong. Apologies to the very fine gentlemen Bleach fans involved in the wars, but herein follows a sexist statement (I swear, if one of you little girls who's just taken her first gender studies class fusses me out again, I'll send the mad ghost of Soujourner Truth after you):

There's no taming human nature or women on the internet,.

In every fandom, there's a need for divisions, to provoke and incite, to quote out of context and to generally, meow meow. I've tried too long to be reasonable when I've felt like tearing my hair out.

Not that anyone will be surprised and not that most people won't roll their eyes at yet another shipper statement, but I'm hereby declaring that I no longer will even attempt to be neutral in the Bleach ship wars. I've curtsied when I wanted to run away, so this is me running away.

Yes, I am friends with the mad  
ileenka and with
syneiam   the infamous "bitch" moderator at Bleach Forums .Yes, I've always supported (as in cheering and squeeing and drawing and fic'cing) IchiRuki but that's not the only reason I'm aboard with IchiRuki and no longer even attempting to play nice with the other ship in most public places (IchiOris who were my pals before Bleach may argue with me--just them, nobody else!) My seventh grade heart has been broken. *cues violin.* I've felt uncomfortable with recent animosity (or, to be generous, kerfuffles) among the shippers, and the atmostphere has been dark. The drama has been about personalities rather than the manga, and    Some public statements by some Ichi/Ori fans crossed the line for me. Many apologies to some other IchiOri fans, but the main reason I'm no longer attempting discourse with your brightest and funniest is that larger, more popular ships like RenRuki and Ichigo/Ishida seem more probable to me. Ichigo/Tatsuki, Tatsuki/Orihime are more interesting to me. There's not much to talk about after that, is there?

I wish I shipped crackier pairings in Bleach. Is there an Everyone/ Ulquiorra orgyship?

I don't party during a hurricane (something suicidal people here on the Gulf Coast do) so bai bai so many of you with with whom I tried to be polite. Please forgive the classic shipper post if you know me, and if you don't, please don't spam this journal with "clarifications" or more nitpicking. Any and all posts referencing the Bleach ship wars will be deleted.

*bonks head against wall* Posts like this one are never innocuous, are they? Not taking back what I said but asking that it be ignored for stupidity.

I will give a million dollars to the person who starts the next thread.

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