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The Arrancar Death Count

Is there someone in this comm who needs spoiler warnings? Aren't  most of us early-rumors-before-the-leaks kind of people? XD
Anyway, spoilers below for recent chapters, esp 273

After having my brain explode once or twice trying to figure out what Grimmy wants of Orihime (I've decided on the obvious, btw--to heal Ichigo--only Ichigo won't in a "healable" when they arrive) and then having my head fall off worrying how Rukia, Chad, and geez, everybody, are going to get out of this thing....after all that, I started worrying about the Arrancar.

Since the massacre of Grimmy's gang, they seemed to be less formidable than touted. I was thinking oh, here they go--enemies dropping one by one while the noble heroes move on with some difficulty and angst but nonetheless move on. I was wrong. All these Arrancar seem to be wacko impossible-to-beat opponents (except for Doldoni--I didn't mind when he was killed;something about him didn't catch my fancy), and the suicide mission, so far, appears to have been suicidal...

Not sure yet if Chirruci was killed--I hope not, she's so much fun , dominatrix wench that she is. And now with one Espada down (albeit at a great price--Rukia appears to be dead), it occurred to me that I don't want another one to die. Arrancar OR Espada. Not Pesh, not Ulquiorra (heart goes pitter patter), and I don't know about you guys but I was fond of Glasses-car from the beginning. Any guy with glassed (not to mention pink hair) gets my attention.

I don't want Zael-Apollo to die. If he gets away just barely alive, this coming fight will be a repeat of the Mayuri/Ishida one --only with
Ishida not having to sacrifice his powers. Is Kubo going to parallel EVERYTHING in HM to SS? The only other outcome is....

Either Renji's bankai or Ishida's brainy ways will kill Zael.  Dilemma: I want Ishida to win but I dont want Zael to lose!


Is this going to happen? I'm trying to console myself with the idea that Glasses will turn out to be as villanous and worthy of death as Mayuri--maybe he did something with Quincy experiments too (ohg-d I hope not). His crazy laugh in that last panel wasn't too attractive, either. Maybe when he releases, I'll get over my crush on him because he'll be that ugly.

Zael-Apollo Grantz--dead? Y/N

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