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Art from Orin and How Do I Hate Golden Week--let me count the ways.

More beautiful art from Orin.

Ishida fans make sure you're not handling sharp cutlery or drinking something hot before opening this page

I keep meaning to do a Hirako Shinji tribute with links to some of my fave fics and arts about him, but my mind keeps wandering away to predicaments of all five of our heroes in the current chapters. Hopefully, Shinji will be featured soon and the color spread wasn't a big Kubo Tease.

How do I hate Golden Week?
I hate it to the depth and breath and height
My fangurlishness can reach, when feeling out of manga
For the ends of Renji's chest and Ideal Grace.
I hate Golden Week  to the level of every day's
Most quiet need for black and white violence.
I hate it freely, as a Quincy Archer hates.
I hate it purely, as Kenpachi fights.
I hate with a passion put to use
In my old griefs, but it's better to be mad
at it than over the last presidential race.
I hate it because the Japanese can rest,
Not I. I hate it with all the breath,
Smiles, tears of all my life!---and if Kubo choose,
I shall feel all better when the next Jump appears.

In other news, who wants to guess how many chapters it will be until we see Tsubaki again? I say two. I'm ready to roll, Hime.

Tags: fanart, golden week, ishida, orin, tsubaki
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