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Of Hearts and Smiles (Fanfic entry by Syneiam)

Syn is on vacation and gave me this little piece long ago to contribute to the Ishida birthday bash!

Of Hearts and Smiles
Author: escarboucle
Characters: Ishida Uryû, Inoue, Ichigo, Rukia, IshiOri, hints of IchiRuki, one-sided IchiOri, hints of UlqOri
Rating: PG
Word count: around 1000

Of Hearts and Smiles

Author: syneiam
Characters: Ishida Uryû, Inoue, Ichigo, Rukia, IshiOri, hints of IchiRuki, one-sided IchiOri, hints of UlqOri
Rating: PG
Word count: around 1000

Uryû was gritting his teeth, bent in two while watching Ulquiorra turn into dust particles. The pain was unbearable; during the fight, the adrenaline had pumped him up, but now the medicine was wearing off and soon he knew that blood would begin to flow again. He put his hand where Kurosaki had stabbed him, in a hopeless gesture. ‘Haha, my father would probably be disappointed,’ he thought. Inoue could probably heal him so at least he’d stop bleeding, but he didn’t want to ask anything when she was giving Ulquiorra the attention he needed. After all, the strange Espada was dying. ‘I shouldn’t have brought her here,’ he thought bitterly. Her seeing Kurosaki being killed, and Kurosaki turning into a mindless hollow – those were the consequences he’d have to bear with for the rest of his life.

His vision began to blur, and he understood immediately what it meant. ‘No! I can’t lose against my own body just yet!’ There were still enemies around, he still had to fight, could still be of some use... His eyes wandered on Inoue-san’s silhouette... ‘I haven’t told her yet...’ The silhouette went black, as he heard Kurosaki shouting his name.


Orihime felt her heart clench as she saw Ulquiorra disappear; he had scared her, but that had been washed away by another feeling – he was trying to reach her, to pull his heart closer to hers, as she had told him earlier. ‘I will miss you,’ she thought, a bit teary. How come this heartless Espada would always make her stronger?

“Ishida!” It was Kurosaki-kun, and, as she sensed worry in his voice, she turned around. “Can you heal him, Inoue?”

She blushed a bit, suddenly taken aback that she could have forgotten a friend suffering on the floor, and hurriedly called her fairies when a huge reiatsu was released down there. ‘Uh?’ It felt like Yammy’s, in a more formidable way than what it had ever felt before. While her fairies formed the healing shield on Ishida-kun, she glanced at Kurosaki-kun; she saw his eyes widening under the shock, and already, he was running away from her.

“Stay here with Ishida!” he commanded. “I’m going down!”

She didn’t have to be told – it wasn’t determination that she had seen painted all over his face, but fear. She knew it though – his princess was down there, probably fighting, and her name was on the tip of his tongue while he darted away. ‘I’m no princess,’ she thought.

She had hoped so much, when she agreed to follow Ulquiorra, that she could be able to protect Kurosaki-kun and her friends. However, she realized as Ishida-kun was slowly healed, when they had shown up in Las Noches, then all her hopes went in Kurosaki-kun. ‘Why am I always relying on him?’ she wondered again. She had vowed that she’d stand beside him, fight with him, then she had her chance, yet all she could do was watch him, hoping that in his eyes, she’d see her own reflection... She wondered how Kuchiki-san felt, when they came to Soul Society to save her; she knew that she was grateful, but sometimes, Orihime wondered how Kurosaki-kun had acted around her, back then. Somehow, she knew that it was far from how he had acted with her. She wanted to be much more for him, but, ah, the face he just made, as he was going back to her – she couldn’t forget it.

She felt tears rolling down her cheeks and wiped them away briskly with her sleeve. Right now was not the time to be depressed. Ishida-kun needed her attention. It was her fault, she realized, that he was in such state – it was her who begged him to bring her here, and because of her selfishness, his left hand was now missing and he had been stabbed by Kurosaki-kun. Even though he said he had taken something to prevent his bleeding, he must have suffered a lot... Guilt trapped her, as she remembered the worry in his eyes while he was looking at her. Kurosaki-kun wasn’t the only one she had relied on – in a way, she also relied on Ishida-kun, a gentle boy who wouldn’t refuse her plea – he too, wanted to fight and be useful, just like her. “I’m so-sorry, I-shi-da-kun,” she hiccupped between two sobs.

“Please, don’t cry.”

Surprised, her sobs stopped even though the tears didn’t – Ishida was already awake, although part of his hand was still missing. He was smiling softly.

“I’m trying to, I’m really trying to,” she replied, smiling tentatively.

“Yes, that’s much better.” He paused for a moment – she could feel his gaze on her as he studied her face. “Do you feel better now?”

It wasn’t right, she thought. It should be her who would cheer him up, not the contrary. She forced herself to smile, drying her tears away and took a pause, showing her fist to the black sky of Hueco Mundo. “Yup! Look at me! Aren’t I strong?”

He chuckled lightly – she was amazed at his delighted face – visibly amused. “Thank you, Inoue-san.”

“You’re welcome. By the way, how are you feeling?” she asked anxiously.

“I don’t feel any pain...” He passed his right hand on his stomach, only to find it already healed. “Looks like this wound is already healed,” he smiled.

“Yup! Regenerating your hand will take a little while though, but don’t worry! You’ll be up in no time!”

He blinked. “Regenerating my hand?” Surprised, he finally looked at his left hand, that was slowly coming back under his eyes. “Inoue-san,” he exclaimed, admiring, “your powers are really amazing!”

She blushed, feeling undeserving of the compliment. “It’s nothing, really,” she mumbled.

“But it’s true! What would fighters become, if they hadn’t got someone able to heal them after their fights? Your powers are a gift, Inoue-san,” he replied with his usual seriousness.

She could feel the warmth from his words. “Thank you, Ishida-kun.”

He gazed at her intently. “I’m glad you’re alright, Inoue-san,” he smiled.

It was her turn to be surprised, and suddenly, she felt grateful. As her heart felt lighter, a true smile appeared on her lips.

A/N: this is a “what if” fic. I usually dislike writing them, because once the canon reaches the fic’s point, it seems moot. But heck, I wanted to write it, so... I don’t think that Kubo will make it that way – but it’s also part of being in a fandom, I suppose, to have fun with these kinds of fics. Also, because with a little hope, when this fic will be posted, then we’ll already be back to HM, I wrote this in the beginning of September. So, before any switch, if any switch there is x___x

Thanks to Debbie who beta’ed this for me.

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