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Episode 244

I hope it's okay to make this post. Only raw is out so far, no subs yet, but I watched it, and just had to spazz about it with other people who watched it.

a;ljdfdlkjfdaakdk!! I NEED to learn Japanese, dangit! >__<

Anyway, awesome episode is awesome! Only raw out, not very HQ, but you can basically get the gist of what's going on.

Apparently, this episode focuses more on the fight between Ruri'iro Kujaku and Yumichika + Kenpachi vs. Byakuya (holy crap, watching all the shocked expressions on bya-bya's face as he fights ken-chan was freaking AWESOME~!! There is nothing, I repeat, NOTHING like watching Byakuya getting OWNED!!)

Omg, Wabisuke gets pwned like, 3 seconds into the show, ROFL!! So now we've got two Zanpakutos who're down in the game and broken, so that means that Shirayuki is DEFINITELY coming back, yay!

But back to the show, there was some Soi/Suzu fighting here, but of course, being unable to understand Japanese = not having a clue what's going on.

Bascially though, Soi & Suzu talk a bit, Suzu gets ticked off at Soi Fon (who is apprently over her shock at her pint-sized Zanpakuto XD), then there's some distraction in the form of a huge explosion from where Kenpachi takes off his eyepatch to fight Senbonzakura (but he didn't break, dangit! He's still kicking, and he's fighting Ichigo...STILL. Goshdarnit, don't those two get bored of fighting each other?!), and after the dust settles, everyone's sort of segregated into groups by the rubble.

Our pretty pink princess is alone with Ichii and they kind of like, cross swords (and it would be kind of interesting, if it hadn't already happend like, FIVE OR SIX TIMES!!), Kenpachi is with bya-bya, who's being all like, "I'm gonna win this fight, hohoho" and Kenpachi's just like, "If you can actually HURT me, wahahaha", so then Byakuya actually CUTS Kenpachi on the arm, which was like dramatic for all of 5 seconds, before Ken-chan's just like, "ZOMG I KEEL YOU NOW", and then there's this AWESOME scene where Byakuya's being his stupid arrogant self, and he shunpo's behind Kenpachi and tries to cut him, but Kenpachi CATCHES HIS SWORD and Byakushi is all like "Oh ***" and Kenpachi's like, "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" and he CUTS BYAKUYA except that the animators are STUPID and ANNOYING and THERE ISN'T ANY BLOOD!! >___<

I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm really not that..ah, sadistic and stuff, but why the hell don't they have Byakuya bleeding?! Are they afraid they're going to ruin his pretty scarf if it gets bloodspots on it? Don't worry animiators, I'm sure he can get it drycleaned.

So really, all we see his robe with a cut, but no freaking blood, because little bya is just soooo perfect that he can't bleed >> (stone-cold jerk)

But anyway, so yeah, that was all that was interesting about the Bya/Ken fight.

Soi Fon says some words to Suzumebachi, and then proceeds to jump away, and Suzumebachi follows, and that's really all we see of them for the rest of the episode, dangit >__<

But there's this AWESOME scene where Gonryomaru is stuck underneath this huge piece of debris, and he asks Tengen for help, and Tengen just like, punches the stone into pieces, but it really looked like he was about to knock the lights out of Gonryomaru, hahaha. Oh gd, I love the friendship between these two <33

And then crap happens, Yumichika finally takes back Ruri'iro Kujaku in this whole dramatic showdown which involves him somehow breaking out of the vine hold, and then they clash swords, and then there's lots of talking going on which I REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHAT THEY'RE SAYING TO EACH OTHER!!! but yeah. Case in point, he gets him back, and I'll reserve judgement on whether or not they did a good job on that fight till I actually find out what they're saying.

But the previews for the next episode look PROMISING! So I think 245 will totally focus on the Soi/Suzu fight in which she'll either get her back, or Soi's gonna get a whole bunch o' new tattoos >D

I'll edit this once subs are out.

So, after having watched the subs...

Zomg, okay, one thing I have to say: WHY THE HELL DO YOU HAVE PRETTIER HAIR THAN ME, WABISUKE?! >O

Seriously, did you SEE his hair?! It's all long, and flowy, without a single strand out of place! What the hell! Zanpakuto should NOT be allowed to have such gorgeous hair!! It's not right! >___<

I'm sooo happy Kenpachi got rid of him >(

Anyway, zomg, this episode was spectacular!!

Senbonzakura is suddenly BFF's with bya-bya. And I mean, omg, they kind of like bonded! Byakuya actually seemed to care about Sen going to fight Kenpachi, and Senbonzakura stepping in front of Byakuya after Kenpachi laid eyes on him?!

That was just so awww!! This relationship is giving me warm fuzzies ^-^ (and I do NOT mean that in a shippy way.) Except that we all know in the end Byakuya's gonna have to fight Senbonzakura to get him back, because Senbonzakura sure as hell isn't going to go back to him willingly, so I'm interested in seeing how this plays out.

But omg, the highlight of this episode was DEFINITELY the Kenpachi/Byakuya fight.

"Why did you do that?"

"Because you wouldn't fight me for real if I didn't."

"Leave me be. Otherwise I will truly kill you with my next attack."

"You'll kill me? Fine, I dare you to try! I've always wanted to fight you...In a battle to the death."

akjdhfdajkjf!!! GRAAH! Why Byakuya, WHY?! Why is it that every time I hate you, you make me feel bad for your character?! WHHHYYYY??! Arrrggh! You stupid anti-social prick!!

Also, am I the only one who was getting a kind of friendship/rivalry vibe?! Seriously, I am sooo happy that Kenpachi & Byakuya are teaming up in the manga together! I want some Kenpachi/Byakuya bonding! And I want to read some friendship fics between them, liek, NAO.

Oh, and Kenpachi, if you DO NOT completely slap Byakuya-bo around, I will NEVER forgive you! YOU WILL LOSE YOUR TITLE AS STRONGEST MOST AWESOME CAPTAIN EVER! DO NOT LET BYAKUYA'S PINK PETALS OF d00m SCARE YOU!!

(I am so curious if Bya's gonna use senken :D)

The Ruri'iro/Yumichika fight was great, not epictacular, but still good. I felt Yumichika won waay too easily, and I mean seriously, HOW many times can they use the same freaking kido spells over and over again?!

Are the only ones they know Shakahou and Hainawa?! Seriously, this is getting aggravating to watch!

Oh, and I did NOT like Yumi's final words to Ruri'iro before he blanked out. "Fighting through sheer will-power, those are my asthetics" my foot! Why don't you just buy yourself a blank sword Yumichika, and give Ruri'iro to Yachiru instead, hmmm? Then you can REALLY live up to your asthetics, without having to come up with some half-baked excuse like this.

And poor Ruri'iro. He tried so many times to spare Yumichika, and was practically BEGGING for his acceptence of him, he bascially said it OUTRIGHT, but for crying out loud, Yumi's got to be the densest person out there. Though I did like the way he admitted in the end that they're both self-centered, egotistical narccissits, and they have so much in common. That rueful little smile when he lamented the fact that he can't use shikai made my fangirl heart go -SQUEE-

I HOPE we'll get to see them fighting side by side later on. I mean, he got him back now, and there's still more Zanpakuto to defeat.

Next episode is Soi vs. Suzumebachi!! HOMGOMGOMGOMG!! I've been waiting for this episode since the start of the Zanpakuto arc. DO NOT DISAPPOINT ME ANIMATORS!!
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