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Bleach Ep. 243 Discussion

Haha, my first legitimate post here that isn't related to fic. But I couldn't resist talking about the newest opening/ending songs in Bleach and what happened.

So it starts off with a large amount of action and ends with the King of all action, Kenpachi cackling madly in that kickass way of his. I'd like to note that Ashisogi Jizo is creepy. Creepy. Creepy. Blades protruding from his chest would freak anyone out, including Isane. Although, credit to her, she didn't moan about the paralysis, she shrugged and went with it. Very nice, Isane.

Return of the duo! The bickering, kind of annoying duo. Tobiume and Haineko need to stop yammering around. I feel like they waste valuable screen time that would be better spent on Kira or Byakuya or even better! RUKIA. Clearly, the anime producers aren't getting this.

And then we go back to Soi Fong. Or, at some point we go back to Soi Fong. She's snarky. Smarmy. I love her to bits in this episode. She's just so... awesome, for a lack of better terms. She bites. She kicks ass. She freaking holds lightening suspended. Color me a fan. She appears mildly tortured and queasy when Suzumebachi shows up, presumably because Suzumebachi likes to talk about wardrobes and looking pretty and "poking" people twice to you know...kill them, all this is a very chipper voice.

Is it just me, or are some of the zanpakuto really wonky?

Anyways, Yumichika gets uh, wrapped up (bad pun) with Fujikujaku. I find it interesting to note that in general, the expressions in this episode were ugly, very stressed, lots of heavy lines. Perhaps a better word would be intense. Oh, the irony. Yumichika's expression was terribly dark and ugly towards the end of his battle, especially with Fujikujaku and his rather painful words.

Ikkaku's lying in a ditch.

Kira. Kira. Kira. KIRA. This guy has the smartest head on his shoulders. He beats down Kazeshini by bluffing (I want poker!Kira fic now) just to be stepped on (literally) by his own zanpakuto. Wabisuke is frightening. I mean, if Mayuri's little alien baby was scary/creepy. Wabisuke looks like something out of a horror movie. The voice and his actions are terrible, in every sense of the word. I know the shape of Wabisuke is perfect for decapitations, but seriously. This was just horrific.

Rukia and Byakuya. She tells him to "please, don't do this." Small moment, but I appreciated it nonetheless. From the previews, she apparently might be engaging Fujikujaku in combat? Not sure. But any Rukia time is good time for me.


Yes. Just yes.

Now on the beginning/ending themes. There was a lot of Byakuya/Rukia. I mean, I know I ship them, so I might be reading too much into that, but I felt like both themes really played up on Rukia and her relationship with Byakuya. The sakura petals in the ending theme, the gorgeous shots of her sitting and then back-to-back with Byakuya. Just beautiful. Clearly, the animation quality was spent on the ending song.

Did anyone catch the equally pretty shot of Sode no Shirayuki behind her fan in the end theme? <3 Extra points to those who saw Sode no Shirayuki and Senbonzakura together on the screen in the beginning theme.

Anyways, discuss! Did you think Wabisuke was cute and cuddly? Am I going crazy with my Byakuya/Rukia shipping and neglecting my Ichigo/Rukia? Does the title suck?

Speak, masses. I do so enjoy reading comments.
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