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Happy birthday metaphore_art !

Here's a digitally colored version of the Rukia I did for Jenni's bday last year. I didn't like it but I found it and thought it wasn't so bad. Anyway, it's Jenni's bday again today and I just wanted to wish her a HAPPY BDAY and if I could draw like Kubo (or her), I'd draw her a dozen Rukias and if I had Kubo's money, I'd send her a dozen bouquets of roses and a zillion cashmere plushies. ILU Jenni, you're a ray of light. <3

Just as an aside, I’ve been being targeted for internet hate again, and fanbrat criticism against my poor art can get me down on a vulnerable day. I’m tough as nails about the fic. I feel I’ve got a leg to stand on when it comes to expressing my own opinions in the English language but when it comes to fanart, I’m a noob and right there with so many of you in being totally insecure about my drawing. Once you put yourself out on the net, though you've got to develop a sense of humor and a trampoline heart against insults.

I can talk to a bunch of artist friends about art being a journal of trying to find what matters, of art being a by-product of trying to stay alive, of art being just what happens to show up on the paper when you're trying not to eat your hands off, of fanart being mostly about figuring out what all the little tabs in the digital program can do to alleviate your hornyness for cartoon characters but ... after you're all done with the amusing yourself and the talking about amusing yourself, there's always that little niggling feeling that you've wasted your time with ART and if anyone, ANYONE makes a disparging comment, it's like "look, you wasted your time, you wasted your life, just go lie down somewhere and stop breathing.

A wonderful artist and friend of mine gave me some great advice the other day and I wanted to share some of it with you:

I don't think art is a waste of time, if you get out of it what you need to. I always tend to see it as a way to relax, a way to create something that didn't exist before and transfer an image from your mind onto paper and share that idea with others. That's probably what makes it such an intimate process, you really are putting your own thoughts and feelings out there to be scrutinized and people will judge it based on what they do see or...what they want to see.

I'd say they're the ones who wasted their time by flaming you because they haven't progressed at all. EVERY time you draw, you learn something new, you progress a little more and get a little better.

The internet has a LOT more social value these days since pretty much everyone has it now, and things like DA exist which didn't about 6 years ago, so when you see amazing artists on there it's likely that:

1) They've been practicing a LONG time, and
2) Because of that, they probably didn't have DA when they first started off and weren't as skilled, or
3) They've deleted their not so great art or never posted it in the first place.

If you learn to do it because you love it and want to see yourself progress, that's what can make it such a fulfilling excercise.

And with that little pep talk in mind, I hope more people will enter the fanart contest (as well as the fanfic one) coming up on this community for Ishida’s birthday. DETAILS HERE

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