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Fanart! Contest Reminder!

Hi guys. Must be the season! The creeps are out and I'm getting harrassing mail again. Just for the record, creeps, no I don't need a boyfriend-- ! My husband already shares me with Kubo, and the only way you'd know if all the girls in my fics are as slutty as I am is if you'd read all my one hundred fics so thank you for your kind attention. Anyway, while waiting for spoiler pix of Kubo's Halloween spread (Ichigo is reportedly Frankenstein's Monster--how apropos is that? LOL), here are some fanarts for you to enjoy.

First, a really gorgeous Halloween fanart by an artist who goes by the engaging name of


This IchIRuki fanart didn't quite make it under the bell in time for the Halloween contest going over at the IR FC at BA so I wanted to give it a little special place here because I liked it so much.

It's Right at this link. Keep clicking to enlarge.

Next, I just got the best thing in the mail! An inked drawing by dbnext ! It's my favorite Bleach character.

One guess! XD Ain't he handsome?

Oh, and don't forget, guys, the date to post entries for the upcoming birthdays contest is right after Halloween--on Ishida's birthday, Nov. 6.

Tags: birthday bash contests, dbnext, fanart, ichiruki, ishida
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