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Who says Women Don't Save the Guys in Bleach?

I'm getting really tired of all the KUBO IS A SEXIST accusations and the charges that women in Bleach are damsels in distress and wouldn't it be nice for a woman to do the saving once in a while?

In response to this:

I offer these these instances of WOMEN doing the saving:

Rukia saves Ichigo from Grimmjow:








Rukia saves Ichigo, Chad, Ishida and the Great Desert Brothers from the Sand Monster:







Nel saves Ichigo from Nnoitra:






Those are examples from the HM arc; if you want to go back to the SS arc, Yoruichi was the mentor of Ichigo during that adventure and she’s the one who swooped in and saved him from Byakuya on the bridge. Her strategizing (along with the usual Shounen genre good luck) kept the gang alive, and it was her flying cape, a Shihounin family magical gadget, that allowed Ichigo to rescue Rukia so gallantly from the execution tower in the arc’s finale.


Please stop calling Kubo-sensei a sexist when you don’t have the evidence. It’s a sexist world, maybe, and fighting manga is an inherently sexist genre, but don’t tell me that Kubo doesn’t write strong women who do great things in battle and yes, they suffer the consequences of battle—a warrior who falls, like Matsumoto falls to Allon, is not a woman in a refrigerator or a victim. She’s just another a warrior. Kubo’s an equal opportunity impaler and molester as I’ve said before—just count the number of guys who have been stabbed through the stomach when you’re bringing up girls who’ve been poked, count all the male dismemberments versus the female ones, and remember that Szayel tentacle-molested Ishida and Renji before he ever got his sleazy reiatsu on Nemu.



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