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First Fanfic Attempt for Bleach.

 Now that I figured out how to post on here, here's my contribution to this community....

Legal Disclaimer: I don’t own Ishida nor Orihime. They belong to Tite Kubo. I’m just playing around with them for a bit.

Rating: E for everyone. Ain’t no sexy in this joint.




 I am going to die

The words ran thru his mind as he sat against the wall. The shock of everything that

unraveled hadn’t happened set in yet; luckily for him, the drugs that he had taken earlier

were still working to ward off pain from the loss of his hand. Inoue began the process of

Healing him. Meanwhile reisatsu was going off like fireworks all over Hueco Mundo.


“Ishida…” Kurosaki began


“Go. The others need your help.”


The faux-shinigami took one last look at him and turned to Inoue. “Take care of him.”


“Hai.” And with these words, Kurosaki flew off.

He closed his eyes as the warmth of the healing bubble warmed him.


I can’t let him die.

She immediately went into auto pilot after Kurosaki or whomever the Beast was destroyed her captor. She used all of her strength and looked at the boy who had risked everything for her. She decided to start with the wound in his torso first.

It was harder than she had anticipated; the reisatsu was mixed.

I have to stay focused. Then the tears fell.

This is all my fault. If only I wasn’t so weak.She looked at the person before her and found herself actually blushing.

 Was Ishida-kun always this cool?

“Inoue-san, don’t over do it. Okay?”

“I’m fine.” She reassured him as she continued. She put more of her will into it.

Please, please work. I can’t let him die. Not like this.

He glanced at her as she continued to work, not really wanting to interupt her. However, as she brushed up against him, he couldn’t help but blush.

“Finished.” She said relieved. He looked down and saw that the slash from Kurosaki’s Hollow was completely gone. She smiled.

“That’s amazing!” He had forgotten how valuable of a healer she was. How could Kurosaki disreguard her so casually at times? She’s our best weapon in this battle. Then he noticed that she was crying.


“You must hate me”, she sobbed. “It was my fault that things happened the way they did.”

“I could never, ever hate you”. He touched her cheek gently without even realizing it, brushing away a tear. Then he felt his cheeks go warm.

She wants Kurosaki, not me. It’s fine.

“It’s because of me that Kurosaki-kun changed into that thing!”

“I doubt very much that you’re the reason he turned into that”, he reassured her. Then he watched with amazement as his bow-hand returned.


It took awhile due to the bad reisatsu, but before her, a hand was healed. She even was impressed and surprised. I did that. I actually did something. Meanwhile, he had his eyes closed and for a second, she panicked. “Ishida-kun?”

“I’m okay”. He smiled. “Just resting.”

“Thank you.” She looked at him eye to eye. “Thank you. Thank you for everything!”

You saved me and almost lost your life,


. He’s cute when he blushes like that. It’s kind of sweet.And for the first time, she realized that perhaps her heart was lost to the wrong person…



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