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Hi there :). Missed the chapter discussion this week, but I came up with a quick and dirty drabble this morning and thought I'd share.

It's untitled, rated g, Renji-POV right after 378.

It’s not warm like Captain Unohana’s. Unohana’s healing kidou is soft and gentle and full of warmth that wends its way into your body and shushes it until it sleeps and mends. This one’s not as good and has a touch of frost that makes your wounds go numb even as they stitch together.

You’d recognize this touch in hell itself.

“Renji,” Rukia breathes when you open your eyes. “Can you fight?”

Your legs ache, your lungs burn, and you don’t think you could stand straight without pitching over into the sand and puking.

“Sure,” you say. “Just give me a minute.”

She nods. You put your hand on her knee when you can move it. Her thigh is thin and tiny and fragile but firm with muscles that she earned a long time ago. You stroke your thumb across a tear in her hakama. She doesn’t notice that you’re touching her.

“It’s Ichigo,” she says. She bites her lip and looks across the long, wide sand.

You turn your head. It’s messy, like a dust storm. Lots of sand kicking up. Some blood. Two figures going at it in the distance, one the espada, the other a speck of black that shutters with shunpo in the wind.

“He’s winning,” Rukia says. Her voice sounds hollow.

You turn your head back. It doesn’t hurt as much as it did before. You think your legs could hold your weight.

“Is Inoue safe?”

There’s a slight flutter of wind and the sudden smell of human antiseptics when someone steps out of shunpo and crouches behind you.

“Inoue-san’s not the one who needs saving,” Ishida says. For a moment, he sounds like Kira did the last time you saw him, and your gut clenches with worry. But then you hear him take another of those clips off his belt, and he mutters ‘Idiot shinigami’ under his breath. So that’s okay.

Rukia’s hands stop glowing then, and she helps you sit up. You have the sudden urge to throw up, but it passes.

Inoue’s running up to you from where Ishida came. Her eyes and nose are pink from crying. Chad’s staggering to his feet a few feet away. He wobbles, but it seems to pass. He rubs his head. He smells of Rukia’s kidou too.

Rukia uses your shoulder to stand and helps you up. Her eyes are wet.

“Can you fight?” she asks again.

Somewhere in the midst of the sand and the blood, the thing that’s Ichigo lets out a screech like a hollow.

Right, then. Once more into the breach.

You charge with a roar and with the others at your side.
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