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The New Chapter Cover...

Perhaps this is my imagination... but look at Ichigo's pendants here.  The bottom one is smaller, but after a moment, it's identifiable as his Substitute Shinigami badge.  But the second one... Is the blade of Nejibana's released form.  Might I add that he's also underwater?  Now, why not Zangetsu?  Clearly, Kubo is trying to tell us something here.  It should also be taken into note that Ukitake was the one who gave him the badge, thus  creating two ties to the Thirteenth Division.  Anyone else thinking a big revelation is coming up about Ichigo and Kaien?

**Addendum**  Hell, even his sleeves and collar look like Nejibana's... puffball thing.  xD

**EDIT** No, I do not believe the reincarnation theory.  Just wanted to clear that up. ^^;;;

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