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Chapter 378 summary from Annie "Eyes of the Victor"

The scan will be out soon and I'll update when it is. In the meantime we have a few summaries floating about. Here's one from Thailand which Annie translated.

First I was going to have a break but seeing people somewhere trying so hard to make Rukia as DiD or degrading IchiRuki in this chapter, I might as well translate it. I haven't translate anything since ch 354

From here

Bleach 378: Eyes of the Victor

Continues from the last chapter, a scene shows a beaten Chad then a beaten Renji then focus on Rukia who is the last one to stand. She's caught in Yammy's palm when he brought her up to his eyes level as if to figure out what to do with her. Suddenly Rukia fire Soukatsui at his face but it only surprises him a little. Yammy rages then throws Rukia away causing her to fall. Rukia tries to gain some balance but couldn't move. She thinks, "what a power....just wind pressure and I can't move..." while falling down to the ground.

When she touch the ground an explosion happens causing the sands to explode hiding the view of that area for a short while. Once the dusts are clear Yammy's expression changed into one of a confusion...

That's because there is a hole on the ground and Rukia's sitting here uninjured with Ichigo standing in front of her staring angrily at Yammy. Ichigo says, "Hey, I haven't seen you for a while. You've grown up so I kinda missed it."

Yammy screams Ichigo's name then fires a cero but Ichigo just snaps Tensa Zangetsu and fire a black energy right back him causing a cero to explode in his mouth.

Rukia calls Ichigo after he attacked Yammy, "Why..are you alone? Didn't you went to help Inoue?" Ichigo turns back to look at her and his eyes shown some expression Rukia have never seen before causing her to pause.

"Inoue is healing Ishida's hand up on the dome. Don't worry about it." Ichigo replies then he turns his back to her. Rukia tries to call him again but Yammy attacks them with a punch so Ichigo grabs Rukia and dodges it. They are standing on top of a small building while Yammi roars and follows them.

"Wait here, Rukia." Says Ichigo without looking, "I will finish this then head back to real world. This ridiculous battle, I will end it now." Once he finished Ichigo jumps down to Yammy leaving Rukia all confused...regarding his eyes when he glance at her.

'What happened up there, Ichigo?' Rukia thought, 'Your eyes aren't of the one who won the fight. It's not the eyes of a person who is about to fight enemy either.' Rukia keeps thinking to herself while staring with concern at Ichigo who moves further away,

'What had happened, Ichigo...'


A scene cuts to Ichigo and Yammy. Ichigo only blocks Yammy's punch and shunpo-ed behind him. After a while Yammy screams at him not to run around. Ichigo tells him to shut up and says, "I'm not running around but I'm luring you away from that location!" Then Yammy realizes why, an image of Chad and Renji lying on the ground comes to his mind.

While Yammy's busy thinking, Ichigo draws out his mask and looks up. A mask has changed in design. It resembles the one Ichigo has whenfought Ulquirra instead of the strips design one. Only difference is there are no horns on his mask.

"If it's just you and me, I will use my strength to crush you" Says Ichigo looking merciless.

Then he fires Getsuga Tenshou from a close range causing Yammy to fall immediatly.


As we can see, Ichigo didn't catch Rukia XD He saved her and looking badass though. His clothes are still torn. But what I love most is the scene about Rukia's thoughts regarding Ichigo's eyes. It sounds really Rukia ----> Ichigo

Also, please tell me where is the scene that Rukia cried for help? I really am amazed people are comparing her to some DiD who didn't do anything and cried for help. Rukia was the last one standing and fought until she was worn out. She did amazing job and I'm glad she lasted longer than some VC XD

deb: it's interesting that previous spoilers (Nja's and Ohana's) mentioned horns and we've been thinking from the Japanese spoilers that Ichigo's gone into the form that defeated Ulquiorra but here we don't have that form. The pictures will tell the full story! They'll be out soon enough!

So far I'm loving this chapter just for the fact that Kubo has underscored and put in big bold letters and made obvious as HELL that Ichigo didn't win that battle with Ulquiorra--it was his moral failure through and through and the poor boy's not right. It makes me roll my eyes into my skull and out my mouth to hear people still saying that Bull!Ichigo was a marvelous thing and that Ichigo has to give up his chocolate and now be a killing machine in order to win. That IchiThing was a chimera, an abomination that killed an opponent who was already defeated and stabbed Ichigo's nakama. Ichigo himself said he didn't win the way he wanted to win and now he's not prepared to fight that way again--or is he?

The suspense is wonderful. I'm half-hoping that Kenpachi will want to take on Ichigo if he goes IchiThing bonkers again and that it will be Unohana who handles Yammy. I can be patient for my Orihime angst and Ishida healing lulling reflection scene.

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